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Virtual Phone Service: Everything You Should Know

  • In the fast-moving world, for a business, it is essential to bring in new customers and retain existing customers. In this case, VoIP Services are the best option to be adopted. The global VoIP market is expected to rise by around 10% CAGR by 2023.
  • With this current trend, virtual phone numbers have multiple advantages for businesses that help them emerge as top brands. From SMEs and enterprises to famous giants, VoIP systems are packed with features for business enhancement.
  • This blog helps you understand the importance of Virtual Phone Services and why they can disrupt the company’s revenue at a higher rate.

What is a Virtual Phone Service?

What is a Virtual Phone Service?
  • As the name suggests, a Virtual Phone System is a present mode of business communication that allows one to make and receive calls hassle-free. This phone system happens over an Internet connection, unlike a traditional phone system combined with cables and wires.
  • This Virtual Phone Service is accessible through desktop, web, and mobile applications. Hence, multiple calls can be placed and received simultaneously without any issues. Also, incoming calls can be forwarded to multiple phone numbers, preventing missed calls that can lead to higher customer engagement and satisfaction.
  • Companies also have the option to use multiple numbers, which can be local, international numbers, or toll-free numbers. You can also split and assign those numbers to the team's agents. In addition to calls, you can also make faxes and SMS when needed.
How does Virtual Phone System work?
  • This cloud-based phone system operates using VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). With a stable internet connection, simultaneous calls can happen without interruption. Voice data is broken into packets, which travel through the internet to the caller on the other side. Once it reaches the recipient’s end, it is again converted to voice data.
  • You need a virtual phone number to get started with a virtual phone service. Buying a virtual phone number service is also an easy task. At TeleCMI, we help businesses to set up multiple virtual phone numbers.
  • How does Virtual Phone System work?
  • We help businesses to set up the following numbers:
International Numbers
  • Most businesses buy international virtual phone numbers to establish a presence among customers from different countries. It can help in greater customer engagement as customers would take it as a call from someone in the country rather than from other countries.
  • Local Numbers
  • Local Numbers can be the best option to create a national presence and get hold of local customers. We have a variety of easy-to-remember virtual phone numbers that can unlock the potential of local presence.
  • Toll-free Numbers
  • For example, if you want numbers such as 800, you can choose the Toll-free numbers option. These numbers can make customers more accessible with simple number dialing.
  • How Virtual Phone Numbers can replace traditional phone systems?
  • A landline or public telephone is connected to wires and cables that help make and receive calls. On the other hand, Virtual Phone Numbers happen through the Internet from any connected device.
  • The problem with the traditional phone is that it is tied to one telephone. If someone wants to work from another place, it becomes impossible. However, a virtual phone system makes it possible to make and receive calls quickly.
  • How Virtual Phone Numbers can replace traditional phone systems?
  • Here are the significant differences between VoIP and traditional phone systems:
  • 1. Account Connections
  • Once a virtual phone number is generated, it is connected to the online account. With this, users can make and receive calls through various devices, such as mobile apps, web apps, tablets, VoIP phones, etc., connected to a stable internet connection.
  • 2. Usage of Technology
  • In the conventional mode of phone systems, calls are made over standard phone lines connected over cables. In the case of virtual phone numbers service, make use of the Internet to engage calls. The voice data is transferred to multiple data packets on the receiver’s end.
  • 3. Setup and installation
  • To get started with a traditional landline phone, you will have a standard phone number assigned, and with the help of a technician who will fix cables and wires, you can start operating. In the case of virtual phone numbers, it is hassle-free with the setup process. You can start making calls once you download, register, and log in to your account.
4. Scalability
  • When you need to apply for a new number, it involves a lot of lengthy processes. But in the case of virtual phone numbers, you can do so by adding a new number to the dashboard of the existing account.
  • 5. Flexibility
  • Location is a significant constraint for traditional phone systems as it is connected to one line via cables/ wires. You can make and receive calls from anywhere without being device-specific with virtual phone numbers. With teams and businesses working remotely, this can be an excellent option for ideal work.
  • 6. Budget
  • Standard phone numbers are expensive when compared to virtual phone numbers. Switching to VoIP connections can help businesses save up to 75% of the cost. Landline phones require separate hardware and other installation procedures, while VoIP phones do not. Also, call rates are high depending on the receiver's location for traditional telephones. In VoIP phone services, location is not a problem; the cost depends on your chosen pricing plan with the VoIP provider.
  • 7. Detailed Analytics
  • Virtual Phone Numbers from VoIP service apps provide complete information about the calls, customers, and user productivity. With the comprehensive report in hand, you can make future decisions based on them to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • 8. Additional features
  • Since VoIP services are applications, the VoIP providers may rule out different feature updates frequently, which can benefit companies utilizing them. But you can only make and receive calls on a standard phone. If you want to add extra features such as Call Forwarding and call Recording, you must pay additional charges, a mandatory element in VoIP applications.
Why get a Virtual Phone Number for your business?
Why get a Virtual Phone Number for your business?
  • Here are the primary reasons why you should have a virtual phone number to reap maximum benefits:
  • 1. Elevate your brand image
  • Your brand image can reach greater heights with a local presence among international customers. In addition, with advanced attributes such as customized greetings, call routing, stick agent feature, etc., We also have a call-back feature for missed calls to ensure you don’t miss any of your customers. This can increase customer satisfaction.
  • 2. Remain connected on the go
  • With a VoIP connection, you don’t need to worry about linking devices. Unlike landline connection, which requires cables and wires connected to a line, VoIP services can be used on the go with an Internet connection.
  • In addition, if an agent cannot answer calls with a VoIP connection, the call can be easily routed to another agent without disconnecting it. This feature is not possible with a traditional phone system. This can, in turn, increase customer engagement and agent productivity, too.
  • 3. Cost-Effective
  • With a Virtual Phone Number service, a business can save a reasonable cost. Regarding traditional phone systems, call charges depend upon the recipient’s location. Unlike this, VoIP systems offer unlimited calls regardless of the area. This can help companies to reduce billing costs to a higher extent.
  • 4. Maintain separate numbers for Business & Personal use
  • In traditional phone systems, you will have two numbers separately for business and personal use at different places. But in the case of Virtual Phone Numbers, you can maintain other numbers at the same place by adding a new number for the same user.
  • 5. Top-notch quality and increased productivity
  • Virtual Phone Numbers provide the flexibility of offering high-quality voice. It also increases the agent’s productivity with the apps providing detailed reporting.
How to get a Virtual Phone Number?
  • Getting a virtual phone number is a simple process. As discussed before, you need to download the application, register, and create an account to get started. Once done, you can log in and get a virtual phone number for managing calls.
  • Here are the steps you should follow:
  • 1. Creating an account
  • Once you have downloaded the application, you can create an account by entering the details. We at TeleCMI offer free trials; you can play as much as you want. You can explore all our features and start utilizing them to the fullest.
  • 2. Choose your virtual phone number
  • You can pick your virtual phone number based on your target audience. Based on the country, we offer you a number. You can choose a local, international, or toll-free number based on your requirements.
  • 3. Pick a pricing plan
  • You can choose our pricing plan depending on your budget, team size, and features needed.
  • 4. Getting a Virtual Phone Number
  • You have a virtual phone number with the free trial/subscription mode. You can also get multiple numbers based on the need.
How does TeleCMI offer an ideal Virtual Phone Number with advanced VoIP service?
  • To enhance and provide maximum benefits with a Virtual Phone Number, we help you experience them. Added, we have happy and satisfied customers across the globe. We gather our clients' requirements, ensure we understand them completely, discuss them with our team, check with clients on customizations, and get started with the process.
  • We also have a cost-effective pricing plan that can help you to enjoy the advanced features to the fullest. TeleCMI has served industries such as Education, Hotel and Tourism, Real Estate, E-Commerce, etc.
How does TeleCMI offer an ideal Virtual Phone Number with advanced VoIP service?
  • Being a virtual phone number provider in the market, we offer the following unique attributes to our customers:
1. Buy Virtual Phone Numbers effortlessly
  • TeleCMI helps businesses claim Virtual Phone Number service hassle-free. We help companies to get International, Local, and Toll-free numbers based on their requirements. We ensure these numbers are easy to remember and handy to use. You can also prove your local presence in international countries by buying virtual phone numbers with us. This can also result in high customer engagement.
  • 2. Separate logins for Agent & Admin
  • We allow businesses to have two different logins for Agents (Users) and Admins (Supervisors) to manage calls. Admin login helps to keep track of agents and their productivity. We have built-in features to access the agent’s information, such as the number of calls made, calls attended, hours worked, productivity, call-back analytics, etc. This can help the Admin/Supervisor to know about the user’s work effort.
  • 3. Sticky Agent
  • Sticky Agent is a feature that helps customers to connect with the Agent with whom they have previously spoken. Since businesses may add multiple users to engage customers, Sticky Agent helps customers route the call to the respective agent. This can save a considerable amount of time and also increase customer satisfaction.
  • 4. Call Conferencing
  • With the Call Conferencing feature, you can merge calls with other agents simultaneously. We also ensure no latency issue is involved and offer high-quality voice.
  • 5. Call Recording
  • We can record the calls to miss out on specific information or track the user’s productivity. With this, one can gain customer insight about the product and work on enhancements accordingly.
  • 6. Call Back
  • If any of your agents have missed their calls, you can quickly get them and give them a call back with this attribute. This can help to get rid of losing customers.
  • 7. Call Routing
  • We offer three ways of Call Routing. It includes Equal Distribution, One by One, and concurrent calls. Equal Distribution is a type of routing where all users will be distributed with equal calls. As the name suggests, One by One routing enables users to make calls one after the other. While concurrent calls allow users to engage with customers at the same time.
  • 8. Live Call Feeds
  • We also provide a feature where supervisors/admins can track and listen to the present calls between the agents and customers.
  • 9. Call Barging
  • With the Live Call Feeds feature, as a supervisor, you can provide instructions to the agents in the call, and only the agent can hear it. With those commands, customers would find their answers and quote the brand as reliable.
  • 10. Call Transfer
  • The Call Transfer feature allows agents to engage the customer queries in case they lack anything. Agents can transfer the calls to other agents/head agents to provide the right solution they are looking for.
  • 11. Effortless Modification
  • If you are looking to make any changes, it will be painless. We have a user-friendly dashboard where you can easily manage everything instantly. You can add or remove the users, get a work report, know about the call records, and manage the team members and their roles in a single click.
  • 12. Extensive Insights
  • The TeleCMI application has a feature to help you gather more insights into the customer information and the agent’s productivity. You can extract a report detailing incoming, outgoing, and missed calls from customers & agents. You can also learn the number of agents currently speaking with the customers.
  • 13. CRM Integrations
  • You can integrate CRM applications effectively. We help you integrate apps such as Zoho, Zendesk, Freshdesk, etc.
  • 14. Web & Mobile SDK
  • Along with CRM Integrations, we support Web and Mobile SDK integrations to handle the calls efficiently with a virtual phone number service.
  • 15. Business Hours
  • We also have an option where agents can register their work timings under the Business Hours category. Customers can register a voicemail if agents cannot pick up the call after business hours. Agents can also give a call back once they are back to work to retain the customers.
Getting Started
  • Getting Started with TeleCMI is simple. We support web and mobile apps, and you can try them out. If you use a mobile app, download and register for the application. Once you have registered, log in to the app.
  • We also offer a free trial where you can explore its various features. Once done, you can upgrade to a paid subscription based on your requirements. We also have a proficient team who can help you by providing a demo for a better picture.
Getting Started
  • Here are the steps you should follow:
  • 1. Create and log in to your account.
  • 2. Buy a virtual phone number.
  • 3. Add users and assign their roles.
  • 4. Handle calls.
  • 5. Transparency to data.
  • To put it together, a virtual phone number can be a beneficial process for any business. This comprehensive technology can be a game-changer to retain and bring in new customers for our clients. We at TeleCMI offer you a top-notch application with in-built features that can take your business to greater heights.



A VoIP service provider can help you set up a virtual phone number that can offer you the benefit of local presence among the customers. To choose a provider, you can check for their features in the app, customer stories & reviews, pricing, customer support, etc. Choose the one that is compatible with your business requirements.


Although Virtual phone numbers be traced, the way they are tracked is entirely different from the traditional landline phones.


Virtual phone numbers are safe and are protected by multiple layers of encryption methods, firewalls, and other security practices.


A virtual phone number with a stable internet connection can be used in web applications (laptops/desktops), mobiles, and tablets.


Yes, you can port your existing virtual phone number to your account.

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