Call Analytics

To review customer calls and to get individual call flow reports based on dates to track the user performance with total call logs for analyzing the team's efficiency in call handling.

Call Analytics
Track your Performance

Call Analysis Advantages

Call analytics also displays the detailed story of the call flow in graph and chart representation which helps the super admin to analyze the overall call flow for the month and daywise can be tracked.

Call analysis has the following advantages:

  • Analyzing missed and answered calls
  • Download call reports
  • Teamwise and userwise analysis
  • Modifying user settings
  • Date based on call reports
Team-wise Analysis
Call Logs Analysis

Call Logs Analysis

TeleCMI's cloud telephony provide various options for the super admin to analyze the call flow for both incoming and outgoing to track the team's performance. Call logs for any business system in cloud telephony provide the complete missed calls, answered calls, and total calls in both preview and download as reports.

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