Call Transfer

Transferring customer calls from one user to another user or another person in cloud telephony can be done by entering transfer code extension followed by contact number to connect with particular user or person.

Warm Call Transfer
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Advantages Of Call Transfer

Call transfer between the registered users will be useful in any business scenario to resolve the customer query instantly. Call transfer also allows to add the customer in the same call by entering the customer add-in call transfer code.

Call transfer adds the following advantages:

  • Transfer call to registered user
  • Put customer call in hold
  • Revert back to customer call
  • Add customer in same call
Warm Transfer
Live Call Transfer

Transferring Live Call

A live customer call in cloud telephony can be transferred between users by dialing the transfer code followed by the user extension which puts the customer in hold and allows the user to connect with the another user from the same team.

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