Call Whispering

TeleCMI provides call whispering feature which enables supervisor to interact with user's directly in the same call that the user is already in conversation with customer.

Call Whispering
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Added values of
call whispering

Call whispering in any business virtual phone gives the advantage of solve sales issue, adding support to users anytime and provides immediate interaction with user's to sort out all queries.

call whispering has the following advantages:

  • Resolves customer queries
  • Live user interaction
  • Providing key points to user
  • Conversation with user in same call
How to whisper in live call
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New age call interaction

Business call through cloud telephony in virtual business phone system, now has a value added feature to improve customer queries that the users are facing in the day to day business scenario. It comes with live supervisor interruption in customer call which solves the huge time taken to identify an issue.

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