Case Study » How AP Government’s RTGS is Using TeleCMI

How AP Government’s RTGS is Using TeleCMI

How AP Government’s RTGS is Using TeleCMI

About client

  • RTGS is a Real Time Governance Society established by the Andhra Pradesh government to address the grievances of citizens.
  • Also, RTGS is regarded as India's first real-time governance society and Asia’s biggest real-time control room.
  • The RTGS also maintains an in-house CRM with vast school and student records on behalf of the AP School Education Department.
  • The department has multiple staff under its call center unit. Their day-to-day operations include contacting the students/schools and addressing issues and gathering feedback.

Client challenges

  • RTGS was facing difficulties in monitoring the call analytics of individual staff of their call center team.
  • The reason is the department has an in-house CRM with only a single admin ID and no feature to log in using multiple user IDs. As a result, the team managers have no visibility of individual agents’ call data as all call analytics are stored under a single user ID.
  • The only way they had to monitor the call data of individual staff is to purchase multiple CRMs. But this solution is expensive and unrealistic. Hence, they looked for a streamlined solution to simplify their call center operations.


  • They needed a custom click-to-call solution that allows their call center agents to initiate outbound calls within the CRM. In addition, with the ability to track the call reports of an individual agent even though all their agents log in to CRM using a single ID.
  • TeleCMI offered the RTGS of the AP government a fully-equipped VoIP phone system with features such as click-to-call, call reports dashboard, and softphone.
  • After implementing our VoIP phone system into their CRM, now multiple staff can log in and make calls within the CRM application. And also allows call center managers to track call reports of individual agents under the TeleCMI admin dashboard.


  • Our sophisticated cloud telephony solutions not only cost-saving for the government but also allowed the call center team of the RTGS to work productively without any friction.
  • Now, the department has clear visibility of their call center team performance with access to call reports like call duration, number of calls made, agent status, and other important metrics.

Try TeleCMI cloud phone system

  • TeleCMI's Click2Call extension and cloud calling solutions have helped RTGS overcome communication challenges by providing a more streamlined and efficient internet telephony system.
  • The solution has enabled multiple users to use a single CRM, reducing the need for purchasing and maintaining multiple CRMs.
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