Case Study ยป How Parryware Manages 1000+ Support Calls Daily with TeleCMI

How Parryware Manages 1000+ Support Calls Daily with TeleCMI



  • Parryware, the leading sanitaryware manufacturer in India, was facing difficulty in handling and keeping track of their large incoming call volume due to their huge business expansion.
  • They were in need of a solution that could efficiently handle and manage their high call volume. After a brief research and testing, they concluded that TeleCMI's cloud telephony service was the solution they needed.

Parryware's difficulties

  • Parryware had seven manufacturing plants in India and was experiencing a high volume of incoming business calls each day.
  • The company was finding it difficult to handle and keep track of their calls.
  • They needed a solution that could efficiently handle their high call volume, route calls to the appropriate teams and agents, and provide productivity reports.

TeleCMI offered a solution

  • After testing the services of several providers, Parryware found that TeleCMI's cloud telephony service was the best solution for their needs.
  • TeleCMI offered a multi-level IVR, advanced call tracking, agent productivity tracking, and unlimited call recording features that totally simplified their call center operations.

As a result of TeleCMI implementation

  • After concluding that TeleCMI's solution was the right fit for their needs, Parryware implemented our cloud telephony platform enabled with modern call center features.
  • TeleCMI's solution was easy to implement, and the company quickly noticed a huge difference in their daily workload and call center performance.
  • Our smart call center software efficiently handled and routed calls to the appropriate agents automatically and provided in-depth call analytics and productivity reports.
  • TeleCMI's cloud telephony system provided Parryware huge benefits such as stress-free handling of massive call volume, automated IVR, intelligent call routing, and accurate call center KPI reports.
  • The multi-level IVR feature allowed callers to navigate through the IVR menu and reach the right agent quickly. The advanced call tracking feature allowed Parryware to track calls and monitor agent performance.
  • The unlimited call recording feature benefited for agent training and quality purposes, allowing the company to improve their customer service.


  • TeleCMI's cloud telephony service proved to be the perfect solution for Parryware's customer service challenges and managing plethora of inbound calls. Our virtual call center platform efficiently handled their incoming calls, routed them to the appropriate teams, and provided useful KPI reports.
  • As a result, now Parryware is able to automate their customer service and provide better delightful support to their customers. If your business is also facing similar call management issues, TeleCMI can offer you the best solution. You can try TeleCMI cloud telephony platform for free for 10 days to see if it is the right fit for your business.

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