Case Study » How did Foundit streamline its business operations with TeleCMI?

How did Foundit streamline its business operations with TeleCMI?

About the Client:

Foundit is a job search platform that allows job seekers to filter and search for a job using a skill, location, or job title. It also enables recruiters to find the required profiles by applying filters. Initially, it was known as Monster Jobs, which later became Foundit. It has multiple features while filtering from both ends.

How did Foundit streamline its business operations with

Client Challenges:

Foundit was previously using a VoIP provider service for its business operations. However, the client faced the following challenges:

  • The pricing was comparatively high.

  • The application did not have 24/7 support. Hence, Foundit had no agent to support them during off-business hours.

  • There were looking for a separate supervisor login to keep track of their team member's productivity with the need to eliminate transparency.

  • The application did not have an option to add DID (Direct Inward Dialing) numbers for a few countries.


In addition to resolving the above-discussed challenges, the client had the following requirements:

  • They were looking for an application that would be user-friendly and informative to use. With this feature, they should be able to access various features in a single click and get the information quickly.

  • Since their call volume was more than 5.5 lakhs per month, Foundit was looking for an application that could handle their high-end call volume.

  • Added to the list, Foundit marked ‘Sticky Agent’ as one of their favorite feature from TeleCMI as it allows customers to speak with the agent with whom they previously spoke.


TeleCMI customized the application based on their previous challenges and requirements. With our well-equipped VoIP software, Foundit can enjoy various features such as cutting-edge Admin login, 24/7 customer support, higher call volume, Sticky Agent, adding multiple DID numbers from different countries, etc.

With our solution, the Foundit team can manage their team members separately using the supervisor login and track the agent’s productivity without informing other team heads or members by eliminating transparency.

In addition to these, TeleCMI delivered other advanced features such as Live Call Feed, Deep Business Analytics, Call Forwarding, Call Routing, Call Conferencing, Call Back, Concurrent Calls, Call Recordings, CRM Integrations, Web and mobile SDK.


TeleCMI’s fully-feasible and robust application helped Foundit to achieve all its results in a very short time. We offered all these solutions in a budget-friendly way that meets their requirements. Now, the agent’s productivity can be tracked quickly, with hassle-free report extraction and round-the-clock support in a single click.

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