Instant Modifications

The biggest advantage of using the virtual business phone system in cloud telephony, Is it allows doing instant modifications for any feature based on the requirement. Changes will be reflected in live calls in a single click update.

Instant Modifications
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Call Flow Modifications

The super-user or admin can login the dashboard to make required changes in call flow which helps your business to not break at any stage of handling business calls.

The modifications in the dashboard can be done in the following features:

  • Add or remove users
  • Team management
  • Streamlining call flow
  • Modifying user settings
  • Changing SMS text
Instant Status Update
Instant Changes

Changes In Dashboard

Admin can login to the dashboard and perform the modifications for any feature. Changing call features settings in the dashboard will help the call flow to improve efficiently that helps to handle customer calls and to resolve customer sales and support queries instantly.

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