Interactive voice response (IVR)

Adding IVR - Interactive voice response in a business number allows your customers to reach to their desired department through IVR voice that solve their queries instantly.

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IVR for business

Greet your customers with a professional IVR menu that allows them to reach the proper destination using a call routing technique. IVR resolves customer queries by reaching your users through call using the call distribution or by auto-attending by responding through a voice message.

Setting up IVR can be done by configuring below options:

  • IVR Name
  • Greeting Music
  • Invalid-key music
  • Timeout music
  • Configuring DTMF options
Multi Level IVR
Setting Up IVR

Setting up IVR

Upload required audios for configuring the IVR. Enter the name of the IVR, Select the audio for greeting, select the audio for time out music, select the audio for invalid-key music and configure DTMF options by selecting the number in the left-side and configure the call management in the right side.

Configuring IVR setup in TeleCMI's cloud telephony will take simple steps by spending less amount of time.

Advantages of IVR

Pre-recorded IVR message

Add customized greeting IVR voice message to your business number with a perfectly designed business content. It allows your customer to select the right IVR option to resolve their queries instantly.

Automate customer support

Through IVR solution any business can automatically resolve customer support queries in IVR voice message. An automated solution for your customers in IVR saves time and investment in human resource.

Route calls to the right agent

IVR system for any business manages to route customer calls to available agents based on time and skills. IVR solutions automatically assign customer calls to agents through skill-based and time-based routing.

Handle a high volume of calls

IVR solution for a business can handle multiple concurrent calls at a time. By having an IVR message integrated with any business can handle a high volume of calls through which calls can be routed to assigned users.

Increase Professionalism

A greeting IVR music to your business number enriches your business values which result in the high positive impact of your business amongst your customers. It always gives better business branding.

Reduce operational cost

The cost involved in integrating IVR solution to your business will be very less. Automated IVR solution reduces the operational cost involved in human resource, hardware and it is independent of location.

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