Start Using India's Best IVR Service Provider In Chennai

Integrating IVR service to any business communication will enable to handle simultaneous concurrent calls instantly.

Multi-level IVR

For a systematic IVR flow to configure all the options and connect to your users through multi-level IVR. Multi-level IVR helps customers to select their desired IVR option and resolve their queries instantly.

Customized text-to-speech

TeleCMI dashboard provides an option to create and customize own IVR music. Add and configure the created music to design a better IVR flow that serves your customers to connect to your users.

Automated response

IVR service has an excellent feature called auto-attendant which makes customers to resolve their queries through IVR without connecting user. By integrating automated response through IVR into your business saves cost of human resource.

Skill-based routing

IVR service in TeleCMI enables skill based routing techniques allows to assign users to the right team based on their skills through which customer queries will get resolved at ease of time.

Time-based routing

Routing based on time helps to route incoming customer calls to reach particular user based on their working hours and availability based on the shift timings.

Working hours routing

Configure after call hours or work hours routing using office hours customize section. It enables customers to know your business working and non-working days and daily work timings of your business through IVR.

Ivr Call Flow

Branding & Business

IVR services gives your business well-known branding and a professional attire towards customer. All customer business calls can be routed through greeting music and it will be connected to users in the team. we provide advanced features call barging and call whispering techniques through which super admin or supervisor can listen to each and every customer calls and they may whisper in the same call to the users.