Product Updates » Now TeleCMI Users Can Make International Calls On Their Zoho Platform

Now TeleCMI Users Can Make International Calls On Their Zoho Platform

  • TeleCMI always keeps updating its cloud communication platform with new and exciting features to offer users an easier and best communication experience. Now, we have introduced another robust feature, global calling to make international calls on your CRM. By integrating TeleCMI’s cloud telephony platform with your Zoho platform, your sales and support reps can make global calls to customers present around the world without stepping out of CRM.
  • Take a look below to know how TeleCMI’s global calling feature in your Zoho platform elevates sales and customer service operations.

Make international calls

  • With the introduction of the global calling feature, Zoho users can now make and receive calls to/from different countries within the CRM dashboard by integrating the TeleCMI cloud telephony system. An incoming and outgoing call popup screen will be displayed when calling the contacts and receiving inbound calls. This updated feature helps organizations avoid hefty charges on international calls as every call is terminated using VoIP and webRTC technology over the data line.

Manage sales & support calls within CRM

  • Your sales and customer care teams can now work more productively and serve international clients effectively. With the global calling feature available at their fingertips, users don’t require to switch tabs and applications and eliminate the dependency on third-party software for managing business calls. All you need is a TeleCMI application integrated with your Zoho application. Also, speed up your post-call activity like taking call notes, descriptions, and adding follow-up action.
Track call analytics
  • Easily analyze the incoming and outgoing call history of all domestic and international calls in the call activity reports in your CRM. Including visibility to key performance metrics of agents and call conversation reports to monitor employees’ performance.
Accelerate lead closing
  • Better and accurate visibility of customer data helps sales reps and managers speed up the process in the sales cycle from demo booking to after-sales follow-up. Since your CRM is equipped with TeleCMI’s cloud phone system, sales teams can make frictionless communications with global and domestic clients effortlessly and build strong relationships, resulting in increased customer acquisition and retention rates.

Faster customer service

  • TeleCMI integrated Zoho applications allow customer support teams at small businesses and corporate companies to offer personalized and instant service to customers with exposure to customer CRM data when an incoming call arrives. As a result, your customers could get instant help for their questions and brands can witness improved customer satisfaction score and first-call resolution.

Reduce customer communication costs

  • TeleCMI’s Zoho CTI integration helps businesses eliminate their reliance on expensive external software for customer communications since Zoho users can connect TeleCMI’s cloud phone system to make high-quality international and domestic calls over an internet connection at much-reduced call rates.

About TeleCMI

  • TeleCMI is a reliable cloud communication platform solving inbound and outbound communication challenges for businesses in all major sectors. Our products include virtual business phone system, cloud call center software, auto outbound dialer, and conversational AI. Businesses of all sizes are using TeleCMI’s cloud telephony platform to enhance customer service and outbound sales operations and agents’ productivity. Try TeleCMI with a free trial or get a demo from our sales rep.

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