Product Updates ยป Our New 4-Digit User Extension & IP Whitelisting Features

Our New 4-Digit User Extension & IP Whitelisting Features

Our New 4-Digit User Extension & IP Whitelisting Features
  • We are excited to announce major updates to our admin dashboard, making user management more effortless and efficient. As always, our goal is to provide the best possible experience for our customers, and we are confident that these updates will take us one step closer to that goal.
  • Firstly, we have upgraded the user extension from 3 to 4 digits, meaning that you can now create up to 9999 users on your dashboard.
  • We understand that this increase in user count also means an increase in the amount of time spent manually adding users, so we have added a new feature called Upload User.
  • This feature allows you to upload a CSV Excel file containing user information such as name and phone number, and the users will be automatically created on your dashboard. This saves you time and ensures that user data is accurately recorded.
  • Furthermore, we have added a new feature called IP Whitelisting, which allows you to restrict user access to the Softphone only with the listed IP address you updated in the IP Whitelisting section.
  • This provides an additional layer of security for your users and ensures that they can only access the softphone with a pre-approved wifi or mobile network.
  • We have received feedback from our clients and always listen to your suggestions to improve your user experience. Therefore, we hope these features will be a valuable addition to our platform.
  • We like to hear more feedback from you, our customers, to ensure that we provide the best possible experience. Please do not hesitate to leave us feedback, suggestions, or ideas on how we can make TeleCMI even more user-friendly. We appreciate all the feedback we receive and look forward to using it to improve our platform further.
  • Thank you for choosing TeleCMI as your cloud communication provider, and we hope these updates will improve your user experience.

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