Ring Teams

Create multiple teams and route customer calls based on the team's efficiency and skills. Ring teams feature allows a particular team to answer all the customer calls one by one, equal distribution or by parallel ringing.

Ring Teams
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Manage Ringing System

A ring or call from a customer is the most valuable and efficient part of any business. Manage the ringing system options to team to attend and respond to customer calls without any delay or time gap.

The ringing feature has the following advantages:

  • Answering calls simultaneously
  • Immediate response
  • Engage users all over the campaign
  • Easy drag and drop active users
Manage Ringing System
Setup Team

Setting Up Teams

Every call flow should be designed with a team assigned to answer all the customer calls throughout the campaign. Creating team allows to assign required number of users who are selected for receiving calls based on their work efficiency and skill sets. Team section has the option to add or remove any user from particular team anytime.

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