Cloud Telephony
Monitor Live Calls

New Way Of Business Communication In Cloud

Cloud telephony completely shifts the entire business telephony system to cloud which reduces the hardware installation, setup and maintenance cost. Cloud telephony business communication system allows real-time call monitoring feature through which live customer calls can be tracked in dashboard.


TeleCMI is a Cloud Telephony Provider in India with a top-end network connectivity setup built in cloud to serve all our clients effectively through Cloud IVR with powerful dashboard features. We ensure Best Cloud Telephony Solution through which all business calls can be monitored and tracked instantly. Managing users performance through call recording and analyzing call reports from anywhere.

Cloud Telephony Solution allows your users to receive business calls without worrying about office setup and all your customer calls will get responded straight away. Integration of TeleCMI Cloud Telephony features into our CRM or third-party applications can be implemented through Webhooks & API.

Live Call Updates

Save Time And Eliminate Data Entry Using CRM

Integrating business phone system in CRM, work tools & helpdesk improves agents performance and saves more time. The agent initiates an outbound sales call from CRM and manage to input the call status, call remainders etc instantly.

  • Ease to initiate the call from work tool.
  • Manage call inputs instantly from CRM.

Activate Phone System Instantly

Select and buy a local or international phone number for outbound sales call center in few easy steps. The selected number will be registered as an outbound number for your business sales calling activities.

Agent Productivity

Call analytics of TeleCMI will notify sales architects of agents productivity, calls they have missed, calls they have answered, their login and logout hours per day, top performer of the day and more to conclude the sales conversions rate.


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