Call Recording

Call recording plays a major role in the cloud telephony business phone system which records all customer calls and which can be retrieved later for future business references from dashboard.

Call Recording
Track your Performance

Values of call

Call recording will be available in the dashboard anytime to improve user's efficiency in team and for resolving customer queries through analysing the conversation of users with customers.

Call recording in cloud telephony has following advantages:

  • Tracking call recordings anytime
  • To improve team's efficiency
  • Resolve customer queries
  • To increase productivity
Listen Recording
Listen Recording in Cloud

Additional uses of call recording

Virtual phone system that comes up with call recording feature will be useful in any business case. Listen to call recordings in the dashboard itself and download the recording in need of reference. Call recordings makes us to think what is client requirement, what customer thinks of your product and to know their views on your business competitors to shape your business flow.

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