Case Study » How TeleCMI Helped Bitdefender Provide Customer Support 24/7

How TeleCMI Helped Bitdefender Provide Customer Support 24/7


Challenges faced by the Bitdefender

  • Bitdefender, a cybersecurity leader, was facing difficulties in handling and tracking their inbound and outbound calls.
  • They also needed an automated call handling solution to handle incoming customer calls that’re placed after business hours. To simplify further, they needed a automated phone system that can handle business calls 24/7 even when agents are not available to take calls.
  • To solve this problems, they looked for a reliable cloud telephony provider who could offer an efficient call management solutions capable of handling and tracking their calls.

Here is our solution

  • After testing the services of several providers, Bitdefender found that TeleCMI's cloud telephony system was the best solution for their needs.
  • TeleCMI's solution offered a call center software with multi-level IVR feature that automatically attend incoming calls and routes them to the appropriate teams and reps if available.
  • This reduced customer wait times and acted as a virtual agents during non-working hours and when agents are unavailable.
  • The solution also provided advanced call and agent productivity tracking features to get visibility into important call metrics and agent KPIs.


  • The multi-level IVR feature combined with voicemail served as a virtual agents during non-working hours resulted in automatic call pick up and customer service without human intervention.
  • The advanced call tracking feature allowed Bitdefender to track calls and monitor agent performance seamlessly resulted in maximized agent and call center performance.
  • The unlimited call recording feature provided training and quality purposes, allowing the company to improve their customer service.
  • Additionally, the outbound calling feature with masked numbers helped to protect the privacy of both agents and customers resulted in increased customer and data privacy.


  • TeleCMI's cloud telephony service proved to be the perfect solution for Bitdefender's call management and support center productivity issues.
  • TeleCMI's advanced call center features allowed Bitdefender to automate their customer service and provide better support to their customers even in non-working hours.
  • If your business is facing similar call management issues or call center productivity challenges, TeleCMI is the good to go. You can try TeleCMI cloud telephony platform for free for 10 days to test how it solve your customer support challenges.

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