Case Study » LMES Eliminated Call Dropping Issues By Switching To TeleCMI

LMES Eliminated Call Dropping Issues By Switching To TeleCMI

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About LMES

  • Let's Make Engineering Simple (LMES) is a fast-growing ed-tech startup based out in Chennai, India. The academy provides practical real-world applications to educate students on science and engineering concepts of varying difficulty levels.
  • They have over 1 million followers on social media platforms and aim to provide a better education system by promoting application-based learning that facilitates easier understanding.
  • LMES was experiencing frequent call connectivity issues with their previous telephony provider, and they turned to TeleCMI to improve their call quality and customer experience.

Client Challenge: Frequent call drop issues while talking with customers

  • LMES had been experiencing call connectivity issues with their previous telephony provider, resulting in frequent call drops and poor voice quality which were adversely affecting their communication experience with prospects, leading to customer frustration.
  • To overcome these challenges and improve their communication experience, LMES required a more stable cloud telephony solution.

The Solution TeleCMI offered

  • In search of a more stable solution, LMES decided to try TeleCMI's cloud telephony platform. They signed up for a free trial and tested the platform.
  • The switch to TeleCMI's VoIP solution was straightforward, and our delivery team worked with LMES to set up the platform. Within no time, LMES was making calls using TeleCMI's VoIP solution.


  • The switch to TeleCMI's platform provided LMES with excellent voice quality and zero call drops, which significantly improved their communication experience.
  • TeleCMI's dashboard also helped LMES gain valuable insights into their agents’ performance.
  • They could easily track their staff’s call analytics and identify the areas that needed improvement, which ultimately led to better customer service and increased productivity.

Switch to TeleCMI

  • TeleCMI's cloud telephony platform provided LMES with a reliable and stable solution for their communication needs, resulting in a significant improvement in their communication experience.
  • If you're facing similar communication challenges, we highly recommend trying TeleCMI's cloud telephony platform. With our platform, you can experience a more stable and reliable communication experience all time, leading to enhanced productivity and business growth.
  • Don't let poor communication quality hinder your progress, give TeleCMI a try today.

About TeleCMI

  • TeleCMI is the most reliable cloud telephony platform packed with advanced features that enhances business communications.
  • Our VoIP phone system, with WebRTC technology, allows businesses to manage professional calls using a softphone app on any device, such as a laptop, desktop, or mobile.
  • Our real-time dashboard provides valuable insights into customer care reps’ performances, helping businesses identify areas and skills that need improvement, leading to better customer service and increased productivity. Let’s migrate to TeleCMI's world-class virtual phone system to witness a new level of communication experience.

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