Product Updates » New & Enhanced Call Transfer Feature For Delivering 2x Faster Support

New & Enhanced Call Transfer Feature For Delivering 2x Faster Support

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  • Although your business has the best IVR and business phone system, a communication platform with an underperforming call transfer feature would diminish agent productivity and damage customer experience by increasing call wait times and hurting call redirection speed.
  • With TeleCMI’s improved call transfer feature, call center agents can redirect incoming calls to internal and external numbers more faster than before, as the number of seconds it takes to transfer calls to another number has been reduced to 3 seconds compared to previously. As a result, businesses that are using our virtual phone system can enjoy 2x faster call transferring than those that don't.
  • This 2x reduction in call transferring speed results in faster query resolution, frictionless sales and support calls, optimized internal team communication, decreased customer wait times, and more importantly, happy and satisfied customers.

Benefits of this upgraded call transfer feature

Less angry customers

  • In today's fast-moving digital world, consumers are expecting instant resolutions for their complaints. Unfortunately, not all businesses are giving priority to delightful customer experience, as a result, more customers are switching brands due to frustrations they are facing from customer care processes and ending in increased churn rates and revenue loss.
  • One area where it can be improved is the call transferring process, customers don't like long wait times and on hold music and these occur mostly due to increased call transfer time between one agent to another. To resolve this, we at TeleCMI have recently introduced a new and improved call transfer feature by adopting advanced technology. This updated feature can be very useful for our clients in providing tension-free and faster support for their customers while accelerating agent productivity and peace of mind.

Results in more loyal customers

  • Rapid call transfer means faster customer support which means more happy customers thus helping brands gain a loyal customer base. This also opens new sales opportunities as satisfied customers make more purchases in the future, studies shows.
  • In addition, they recommend a brand or product to their friends, and leads coming via this word-of-mouth marketing (referral) are more powerful than other marketing channels due to the trust they have in your brand.

Queries can be solved more quickly

  • The reasons for the slower customer support process are many like a lack of manpower, a sudden surge of tickets, unproductive agents, unclear conversations, agents' unavailability, outdated call center software, and delayed call transfer. Even if any of those mistakes are optimized, it would bring good overall results by improving experiences from all sides like support reps, customers, and customer service team leaders. With our 2x reduction in call transfer speed, recipients can redirect calls to colleagues or external numbers within 3 seconds and process queries rapidly thus minimizing ticket backlogs.

Strengthens customer relationship

  • The lifetime value of your customers directly correlates with how you treat them. Frequent touchpoints and follow-ups and dedicated and patient support center staff, and instant query resolution assist you in building a strong relationship between your brand and your customers and grow customer lifetime value. TeleCMI’s optimized call transfer feature with automated virtual phone system helps organizations achieve this goal by speeding up internal and external communications, cutting down call queuing and wait times, and elevating team collaboration.

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