Skill Based Routing for Businesses

Is skills matter to receive business calls? Yes, it is. User's skill sets are an added advantage for receiving customer calls by which a right user in the right department is able to answer the right customer.

Skill Based Routing for Businesses
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Call Routing Based On Skillsets

Business calls from customers should not be missed, unanswered, or handled carelessly. It should be routed to the right department where we have to assign the right user based on their skill sets to handle and resolve customer's sales or support queries instantly to maintain customer excellence at a high level.

Customized Call Routing
Assign User Based on their Skills

Assign Users In Team By Skillsets

Every team will have a certain number of users assigned to receive customer business calls. By using the skill set based routing in each department, a right user based on the key roles, workability, perfection in handling customers, and skill sets can be an added to right department to answer customer calls.

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