Case Study » Why CivicCenter Migrated to Our Launch-ready Phone System

Why CivicCenter Migrated to Our Launch-ready Phone System

Why CivicCenter Migrated to Our Launch-ready Phone System
  • CivicCenter Academy is an educational institution that provides coaching classes for students to prepare for government exams such as UPSC, TSPSC, APPSC, and a few others.
  • With a mission to help students achieve their career dreams, the academy required a phone solution that was enterprise-friendly, easy to use, remote-friendly, feature-rich, and inexpensive to set up and maintain.
  • After exploring various options, they decided to implement TeleCMI's cloud telephony solution, which offered a complete calling solution for their communication needs.

Client Challenges

  • CivicCenter Academy faced several communication challenges, such as maintaining effective communication with students, staff, and prospects, managing calls and SMS from various devices, and handling high call volumes during peak hours.
  • The academy required a solution that was easy to use and maintain, without incurring high setup and maintenance costs.

TeleCMI's Comprehensive One-Stop Solution

  • TeleCMI's cloud telephony solution offered CivicCenter Academy an efficient and cost-effective virtual business phone system.
  • As TeleCMI’s phone system is completely virtual-based, it eliminated the need for setup and maintenance of expensive telephone infrastructure for CivicCenter.
  • This allowed the academy to focus on its core business, coaching students for government exams.
  • With TeleCMI's VoIP solution, CivicCenter Academy could communicate from anywhere on any device by installing the TeleCMI softphone to make and receive calls and SMS.
  • The solution offered by TeleCMI features a range of invaluable tools, including unlimited call recording, multi-level IVR, advanced call routing, Call monitoring, and real-time analytics.
  • These tools helped the academy manage high call volumes during peak hours, enabling them to streamline their operations and provide more efficient service.
TeleCMI Delivered Wonderful Benefits to CiviCenter Academy
Easy setup and maintain
  • The solution was not only user-friendly and easy to maintain but also entirely managed and maintained by TeleCMI. This made for a quick and seamless implementation process, as no hardware components were required for the virtual phone systems to function effectively.

Advanced call routing

  • Customizing the call routing method based on specific needs allows for the automatic routing of calls to the most suitable person for resolving the query, thus minimizing unnecessary transfers, reducing wait times for customers, and improving overall satisfaction.

Call monitoring and analytics

  • The automated call monitoring functionality, coupled with intent analysis, provides invaluable insights into call volume, including data on the number of calls made and answered by each team and individual.
  • This feature enables administrators to track performance and address any issues that may arise, ensuring that the team consistently meets and exceeds expectations.

Flexibility to work remotely

  • The customer care agents of the academy could communicate with students, staff, and prospects from any location and using any device, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Try TeleCMI Virtual Phone System

  • TeleCMI's VoIP solution enabled CivicCenter Academy to efficiently manage high call volumes during peak hours by seamlessly routing calls to appropriate teams and providing valuable insights on the team and individual performance. This, in turn, helped the academy simplify their business communications
  • If your business is in need of a reliable and cost-effective calling solution, we highly recommend trying TeleCMI's cloud telephony solution. With a free trial, you can test out the platform and see how it fits your communication needs.

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