Call Routing

Routing business calls to the assigned teams based on the customer option selected in the IVR can be redirected based on the users who are grouped as teams.

Call Routing
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Best Part Of Call Routing

You can choose how you want your customer calls to get forwarded and all the related preferences in the personal area on your TeleCMI Call account. Call forwarding is a dynamic feature, so once everything is setup you don’t need to do anything else for it to do its work. Business calls that the user receives one call at a time will lead to calls getting unreachable and missing customer calls for that particular campaign. Call routing in cloud telephony resolves this issue by assigning two or more number of users in a single team and route calls to each user without any discrepancy.

Call routing feature has the following advantages:

  • Route customer calls
  • Selecting routing techniques
  • Route by users skill sets
  • Never miss business calls
Customize Call Routing
Different Kinds of Routing

Routing Business Calls

Call routing based on the IVR selection enables to redirect the customer calls to right users based on user's skill sets and efficiency of answering multiple calls concurrently. Call routing improves call flow by changing the routing of business calls to the right teams at any time in the team section.

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