Product Updates » Advanced Call Recording: Now TeleCMI Users Can Record Ongoing Calls within Live Screen

Advanced Call Recording: Now TeleCMI Users Can Record Ongoing Calls within Live Screen

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  • The launching of TeleCMI’s enhanced call recording feature allows users to start or pause call recording within the live caller screen (softphone) in ongoing calls. This enhancement makes managing call records hassle-free for sales and support reps and helps call center managers to monitor all agents’ recorded calls stored in the dashboard.

A Glimpse Into TeleCMI’s New & Seamless Call Recording Feature

Record unlimited calls

  • TeleCMI’s new call recording feature allows agents to record calls within the softphone caller screen by just clicking the call record icon. By default, the call recording feature will be automatically turned on when agents handle incoming and outgoing calls, and staff can start or pause call recording in a single click seamlessly.

Easily access all recorded calls

  • All recorded calls are automatically stored in the user dashboard and available to access for team leaders and supervisors for up to one year. Call center managers can view recorded calls in an audio or text format to track agents' conversations and using for training purposes.

Realtime call transcriptions

  • Also, our speech-to-text feature transcribes recorded calls and stores them in a textual format. As a result, customer service and sales team leaders can monitor and review agents' conversations with customers and prospects in a user-friendly interface.

Review and train new agents

  • With TeleCMI’s auto call recording and transcription features, team leaders at inbound and outbound call centers could use the recorded call data to train agents and improve customer experience and maximize lead conversions. As a result, your agents can make high-converting sales calls and process support queries fastly within the first call.
Enhance team performance
  • The TeleCMI’s call recording feature opens doors for contact center leaders to elevate overall team performance by monitoring agents' and customers’ behaviours and taking steps for improvement. Thus it's very helpful for meeting call center KPIs like CSAT score, first call resolution, average handle time, customer retention rate, lead conversion rate, and first call close.
No separate recording software needed
  • With TeleCMI’s cloud contact center software and virtual phone system, call center teams don't need extra call recording software as it comes as an inbuilt feature in the TeleCMI cloud communication platform. So businesses can save unnecessary expenses and communication costs while doing the best work. Also, our contact center software is packed with 60+ call management features like IVR, AI call routing, call transfer, call conferencing, sticky agent, ring teams, SMS messenger, Auto dialer, and so much more.

About TeleCMI

  • TeleCMI is a trusted cloud communication platform and our products include a cloud business phone system, cloud contact center, auto outbound dialer, and conversational AI. Our platform is used by 1000+ organizations globally to automate customer support, outbound sales, cold calling, team communications, and work remotely. You can try TeleCMI with a free trial or book an online demo meeting with our sales rep to know how TeleCMI works.

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