Product Updates » Feature Update: Now View ‘Business Number’ & ‘Team Name’ Data For An Incoming Call

Feature Update: Now View ‘Business Number’ & ‘Team Name’ Data For An Incoming Call

  • The introduction of this useful call identity feature allows TeleCMI VoIP phone system users to identify the ‘virtual business number’ and ‘team name’ on the softphone screen for an incoming call.
  • This feature will be very useful when businesses have multiple virtual numbers for different countries, so when an incoming call arrives, agents can easily find from which business number and the country call is coming. i.e, the businesses’ virtual phone number with the country flag will be automatically displayed on the incoming call screen including the team name tag like ‘sales’ if it's a sales call or ‘support’ if it’s a support call.

A detailed view into this new and outstanding feature

  • TeleCMI never stops innovating and updating its modern cloud phone system, we are continuously upgrading our product with new features and optimizing existing features. The one new feature that we introduced recently is the ‘business number’ and ‘department name’ identity features during incoming calls. We are always fulfilling our client's needs, this is one of the features that our clients requested and we took steps to work on this feature and it's live now.

‘Virtual Business Number’ Identity Feature

  • Previously, sales and customer care reps at organizations who are using the TeleCMI cloud telephony platform couldn’t have an access to find the business number where a call is coming from, but now they can easily identify the number and its country of origin during incoming calls.
  • As some businesses have multiple virtual numbers in different countries when an incoming call arrives, agents don't have an idea of what number customers are using to contact the business hence this feature will solve that issue and allow agents to get all data of the incoming call for providing better customer service and effectively handling sales inquiries.
  • So this time along with the customer number, your virtual business number with the country flag also appears on top of the incoming call screen (softphone).
‘Team Name’ Identity Feature
  • When a customer calls your business number, an IVR is played and it guides customers to the solution by asking for their input, so for example, when a caller press 1 for the sales team, a ‘sales’ tag will appear on the incoming call screen and when customers press 2 for support, a ‘support’ tag will appear and so on. This helps agents instantly identify for what purpose customers are calling the business and helps to handle queries proactively.
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