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Introducing TeleCMI Click2Call Chrome Extension

  • The all new TeleCMI Click2Call extension for Google Chrome allows users to call any phone number on the web by clicking the auto-generated call button beside contact numbers.
  • As a result, you can call all contact numbers appearing on the webpage directly from the web browser instead of manually copying and typing numbers into the keypad.
  • To use a TeleCMI Click2Call Chrome extension, businesses need to create an account with TeleCMI by visiting the sign up page on the website.
  • This Click2Call feature is the extension of the TeleCMI cloud business phone system and is available to use for all our customers.
  • You can add the TeleCMI Click2Call extension to your Google Chrome browser by visiting the Chrome extensions marketplace.
  • Here are some wonderful features of our Click2Call Chrome extension

Features of TeleCMI Click2Call Google Chrome Extension

CRM and Gmail integration

  • This TeleCMI click2Call plugin can be integrated with your business CRM and Gmail thus allowing sales and support reps to call contacts in one click without leaving the application.
Automatic number recognition
  • Our Click2Call Chrome extension uses advanced number detecting technology to find and format phone numbers on the internet which can be dialed by users.
Automatic call logging
  • All calls you initiate using our Click2Call extension are automatically logged and tracked. These tracked call analytics are available for users on our user-friendly dashboard.

VoIP calling

  • TeleCMI uses webRTC and VoIP technology for Click2Call functionality which initiates and transmits voice calls over an internet connection, unlike traditional call termination methods such as PSTN.
  • This means businesses and individuals who use TeleCMI Click2Call extension for conducting professional calls can save more on their monthly call charges.

International calling

  • Apart from nationwide calls, users can also use TeleCMI Click2Call extension to dial international numbers on the web thanks to our global telecom networks and data centers.
  • The best part about this feature is you can enjoy international calls at rates much lower than other types of phone systems like landlines and PSTN.
  • Visit the Google Chrome marketplace or click here to download TeleCMI Click2Call Chrome extension.

Summing up,

  • To conclude, TeleCMI’s Click2Call Chrome extension is a very useful and handy tool for busy sales agents and individuals who want to work productively and save unnecessary time on manual calling.
  • Moreover, Click2Call functionality is just one part of the TeleCMI virtual business phone system, there are other tons of features you can use to simplify sales, customer support, and business communications.
  • Click here to sign up to our virtual business phone system or contact us to get a free demo.

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