BLOG » 5 Reasons why TeleCMI can be one of the perfect VoIP Providers in Bangalore?

5 Reasons why TeleCMI can be one of the perfect VoIP Providers in Bangalore?

In this technological era, staying connected with the industry's trends is essential. VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology is one such trend that most businesses are adopting. This VoIP application handles end-to-end communication of a business effectively.

5 Reasons why TeleCMI can be one of the perfect VoIP
                        Providers in Bangalore?

TeleCMI, one of the top-notch VoIP Providers in Bangalore, has various advanced features that help businesses retain their existing customers and build in new customers efficiently.

In this blog, let us learn why TeleCMI can be a trustworthy partner when hiring a VoIP solution provider.

Importance of VoIP Solution for businesses:

Importance of VoIP Solution for businesses:

VoIP technology transforms business goals into a reality and enhances customer satisfaction. VoIP Phones have the same functionality as traditional phones but utilize an Internet connection to handle the calls instead of copper wires and cables. With a Cloud-based phone system, all the data gets stored over the internet and is easily accessible.

In the case of traditional phone systems, you need to set up a workstation buy hardware, VoIP Phones, VoIP handsets, etc. Employees can also work remotely and don’t need to commute to a physical location to perform their jobs. This helps in easy team collaboration from anywhere.

VoIP technology converts voice into data that transmits over the Internet and is again converted from data to voice when it reaches the recipient. VoIP problems can be sorted in seconds without needing an IT engineer or other Admins to repair them.

Also, it helps businesses with a call-monitoring feature that allows them to detect problems before they impact your business. You can do this by listening to the call from call recordings, which are stored in cloud-based systems.

VoIP comes with the following set of benefits too:


VoIP Phone Systems are relatively cheaper and effective when compared with Traditional Phone Systems. You don’t need to set up a workplace and deal with wires & cables as you do on landline phones. You just need a proper internet connection setup.

Higher Call Quality & Features

Undoubtedly, VoIP Services offer higher call quality and come with rich features, too. It also provides simple integration with browsers, emails, chats, and other applications such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho CRM, etc. Different features here include Call Forwarding, Call Whispering, Sticky Agent, Call Barging, etc.


Phones can be moved across different offices without any complexities. As the data is stored over Cloud technology, it can be accessed from anywhere hassle-free. Moreover, VoIP solutions can be used from mobile phones, desktops, laptops, tablets, etc, instead of relying upon one desktop at a destined physical location.

Easily Scalable

Traditional Phone Systems can be expensive and are not scalable. Many systems are limited to either 2 to 30 channels per circuit, and it is tough to scale up efficiently. On the other hand, with a VoIP Phone System, you can onboard multiple employees and supervisors simultaneously when needed.


VoIP is said to be the future of communication. As landline phone systems have already faded out, VoIP Phone Systems are modern and future as they act as an excellent investment.

VoIP Phone Systems are reliable, with a proper setup and infrastructure. It is possible to maintain high call quality with VoIP. However, here are a few issues with VoIP technology:

  • Jitter: This is one of the common problems with VoIP, which is related to the timings of data packet delivery to the receiving party. This is called Jitter. When data packets arrive at the destination too late or at irregular intervals, speech sounds are broken, making it easier to hear the words.

  • Delays: Speech delay may influence the conversations. It is difficult to bounce back when the dialogue gets delayed in between or when you constantly hear echoes.

  • Poor Internet connection: As VoIP operates over the Internet, it is essential to have a stable Internet connection. A poor internet will disrupt calls, and you could lose a call altogether.

  • Unstable router bandwidth: Small businesses use one router for data and voice. This works well if the router is configured correctly to prioritize voice calls over data.

  • Internet Configuration: VoIP calls work on a different set of protocols and differ from the one that you use at home. The wrong type of VoIP configuration can cause poor call quality.

By troubleshooting these problems, one can rule out these issues. With a good quality VoIP Provider like TeleCMI, you can get software free from these challenges. We primarily work on these complexities and resolve them effectively.

Why is TeleCMI one of the best VoIP Providers in Bangalore?
 Why is TeleCMi one of the best VoIP Providers in Bangalore?

Here are the primary reasons why you should choose TeleCMI to implement VoIP for your business:

1. End-to-End service

TeleCMI is a comprehensive VoIP phone system provider that comes with packed features such as separate logins for agents & supervisors, virtual numbers, call conferencing, call masking, setting up business hours, call routing, single-click modifications, deeper call analytics, tracking agent’s productivity & business performance, call back, call transfer, call recording, call barging, live call feeds, Integrations, etc. We are also open to making any customizations and delivering tailor-made software that meets your business goals.

2. Round-the-clock support

Secondly, we are known for a feature-rich support team who can help you resolve queries regardless of the time. Our dedicated support team is working 24/7 to resolve the challenges of downtime and other issues. Be it a demo, customer queries, customer feedback, concerns, or anything we are here to listen and address them promptly.

3. Easy setup and installation

TeleCMI’s VoIP solutions for businesses are easy to activate. We have different feasible plans, and you can choose a plan of your wish. Once done, we help you with the setup and installation process, which hardly takes time. Our informative and intuitive dashboards are designed to onboard multiple users of your choice and get started to handle the calls. Also, our cutting-edge Integration feature allows you to combine different apps of your choice and work on a single platform without switching between them. We sync the data, so you don’t need to worry about customers.

4. Top-notch Security

Security is our next primary concern, so we remain one of the top VoIP Providers in Bangalore. Industries such as Healthcare, Education, Tourism and travel, Real Estate, etc, deal with their clients' sensitive data. In this case, securing those data is a crucial factor. TeleCMI is a certified ISO platform, and we secure the data with multiple layers of encryption to ensure no data theft is happening. Also, we make frequent backups to prevent data loss as well.

5. Budget-friendly

When it comes to pricing, we always charge a reasonable cost that businesses will meet. We have different pricing plans, which vary based on the features and numbers requested. We understand the customer’s budget and offer a solution at an affordable price with no compromise on quality factor. In addition to this, we also have an active refund policy to help businesses explore our product and make a decision.

Switching to TeleCMI is smooth now!
Switching to TeleCMI is smooth now!

It is the right time to switch if you use a traditional landline service or a virtual phone system with complexities. We at TeleCMI help you quickly meet your business goals. You can sign up for a free trial and plug & play to know our features in the application.

Initially, you need to download the app using a smartphone or a web/desktop version to sign up immediately. Once done, you can log in with the credentials and get into the feature-rich dashboard. You can onboard an agent, choose a number of your wish, and make a trial to know more.

If you are interested, you can upgrade to the pricing plan. Our expert team is here to showcase the app and resolve your queries, if any!

So, here are the steps you should follow once you have downloaded, registered, and logged in to the application:

1. Get a Virtual Number

Right off the bat, you can get a virtual number by clicking on the desired country code and further the number. A virtual phone number will help you establish a local presence in all locations and increase the chances of picking up calls among customers. We support local, toll-free, and international virtual phone numbers.

2. Onboard your users

Once setup is done, you can add your team of agents and supervisors to manage the calls and other conversations. You can define their roles and keep track of their productivity as well.

3. Handle calls

You are ready to handle customer calls. One can access the app through different modes and manage customer queries in seconds.

4. Track your data

Finally, you can keep track of your data and its performance seamlessly. You can get to know how your business is performing, and how your agents are performing, and analyze further improvement.

To Close

As a reliable VoIP Service Provider in Bangalore, we understand the business perspective and deliver a VoIP solution accordingly. If you are a business looking to make profits, enhance customer satisfaction, retain existing customers, and bring in new customers, TeleCMI can be the right choice. Check with us for a free trial and learn about our product immediately!



Yes, it does. As it relies only upon a stable internet connection, you don’t need to worry about other external factors, and hence, VoIP provides good call quality.


Yes, VoIP can take your business to a higher stage. In particular, it is helpful for businesses dealing with customers as a priority as it increases customer engagement and satisfaction.


The pricing plans vary based on the features and integration characteristics. You can check with us about your requirements, and we will provide affordable pricing.

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