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  • Are you planning to try cloud PBX systems or thinking for migrate from traditional PBX phone systems? Read this complete guide about cloud PBX phone systems, how does it work, and the benefits it offers for small businesses and enterprises.

Table Of Contents:

What is cloud PBX?

How does cloud PBX function?

Differences between cloud PBX and on-site PBX

Modern features of cloud-based PBX phone system

Advantages of using cloud-based PBX

Frequently asked questions in cloud PBX software

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What is cloud PBX?

  • A cloud PBX is a virtual-based business phone system hosted on the provider’s infrastructure and offered to businesses as a software and application.
  • Using cloud-based PBX, users can make calls, conference videos, send SMS, and access more call center features through mobile and desktop apps. VoIP technology is used to transmit data packets which means you can manage calls using an internet connection with your existing devices.

How does cloud PBX function?

  • As discussed above, multiple technologies function together to make it possible for users to manage communications from anywhere using mobile and desktop devices. Cloud PBX providers has servers, advanced telecommunication infrastructure, and VoIP-enabled applications that facilitate virtual communications.
  • For example, TeleCMI cloud PBX system has servers, 5+ globally distributed data centers, switch, SBC networks, and associated telecom operators PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) which all work together to facilitate the possibilities of calling/communicating from anywhere using mobile and desktop apps rather than traditional phone systems.
  • To go further, some providers like TeleCMI modernize their cloud-based PBX platform with webRTC technology to enhance real-time call quality and calling experience.
Differences between cloud PBX and on-site PBX
  • Cloud PBX: App-based
  • On-premise PBX: Requires onsite physical hardware and telephone device installations
  • Cloud PBX: Android, iOS, Windows, and web apps
  • On-premise PBX: Desk phones and other physical telephone devices
Adding new lines
  • Cloud PBX: You can add new virtual-based phone numbers and extensions in the app dashboard.
  • On-premise PBX: Needs new desk phones or office phones to add new numbers
Call management
  • Cloud PBX: Calls are managed using a softphone app installed on your mobile/desktop devices
  • On-premise PBX: Calls are handled using desk phones and landlines
  • Cloud PBX: Subscription-based payments paid monthly or annually to use cloud PBX software.
  • Onsite PBX: Infrastructure setup, telephone setup, and maintenance costs included
Modern features of cloud-based PBX phone system
CRM & Business tool integrations
  • Unlike on-premise PBX, you can connect cloud-based telephone systems to CRM, Help desk, collaboration, email marketing, and other software tools in the market.
  • Your cloud PBX provider provides the option to implement these tools on your app dashboard within a few clicks.
Mobile & Desktop apps
  • You can access cloud-based phone systems through mobile, desktop, and web apps which are provided by your service provider. As a result, it allows employees and teams at organizations to communicate flexibly at any location.
Multichannel communications
  • It supports multiple communication channels apart from only voice calling, which includes video meetings, SMS, and instant messaging.
  • Not all cloud PBX providers offer these additional communication channels, only a few top providers like TeleCMI support these features in the industry.

Centralized user management

  • The traditional PBX systems require complex IT skills to manage users, access, and everything. But with the cloud business phone systems, anyone can manage and monitor members using a centralized admin dashboard offered by your virtual PBX partner.
  • On a centralized dashboard, team managers can add users, delete users, and track call reports, and the performance of individual users.

Virtual phone numbers

  • You don’t need a SIM or landline to manage business calls. With cloud-based PBX, you can buy and register multiple virtual-based business numbers, local numbers, and toll-free numbers within the dashboard.
  • Then, businesses can use these numbers to route incoming calls, manage customer service, and communicate externally.

International calling

  • If you have offices and customers present in more countries, then the global calling feature allows you to make overseas and long-distance calls seamlessly at reduced call rates.
  • Some cloud PBX providers like TeleCMI even provide unlimited global calling to US, UK, Australia, India, Singapore, and more nations for a flat fee.

Auto attendant & IVR

  • IVR is an interactive voice response which acts as a voice assistant to automatically attend incoming business calls and redirect them to the specific recipient and department.
  • Cloud PBX phone system comes with this technology to allow call centers and companies to handle multiple and concurrent calls using built-in IVR.
  • As a result, it eliminates the need to attend to customer or inbound calls manually.

Call flow design

  • Visual call flow designer in cloud-based PBX allows users to design and set incoming call flow for multiple business numbers.
  • Very helpful for organizations with customer care and call center teams and want to automate answering and routing large volumes of calls.

Automatic call distribution

  • Enabled with different call routing options like skill-based routing, shift-based routing, sticky agent, ring teams, and more. This helps call center teams to choose their desired routing methods for effective call management and customer service.

Call center features

  • Virtual PBX users could enjoy a wide array of call center features that reduce agent workload and automate call management processes. This includes call forwarding, intercom, call barging, call whispering, number masking, call blacklist, call notes, custom caller ID, and more.

Advantages of using cloud PBX Software

Communicate from anywhere

  • Cloud business phone system enabled with built-in softphone app which acts as regular smartphone dialing and call management.
  • This allows you to communicate within or out of the office effortlessly. It also promotes remote working. You can access this using applications of your cloud telephony service providers.

Uninterrupted service

  • Cloud PBX allows users to get connected anytime 24/7 without a service outage. This is due to the sophisticated cloud infrastructure adopted by providers.
  • But this is not the case with traditional telephony system which is reactive to bad weather, unexpected storms, and natural disasters and results in downtime.

Clear and high-quality calls

  • Providers like TeleCMI have a webRTC-powered VoIP phone system which allows business teams to enjoy crystal clear and frictionless calls and video meetings all time.
  • This is very important for mission critical customer-facing teams whose performance relies on call quality, connection rates, and customer satisfaction.

Big savings on communication costs

  • Capital expenditures on business and customer communications shoot up by using on-premise PBX as it requires expensive hardware setup and telephone devices in place including proactive maintenance and disaster recovery.
  • But hosted cloud PBX is ran and maintained by your service provider which eliminates huge upfront costs and you pay only for what you use.

Hardware-free setup

  • As we discussed above, virtual PBX doesn’t requires you to deploy onsite physical telephone infrastructure which means you can launch your PBX platform virtually with an app-based setup.
  • And start managing calls from anywhere by logging in to your installed cloud PBX app.

Workflow automation

  • Cloud PBX reduces manpower and workload for contact center and business teams by automating call answering using IVR, routing calls to the right person/department, dialing bulk contacts automatically using auto dialer, and automatically solving common customer queries like blocking credit card, requesting account balance with the help of AI-enabled IVR and text to speech features.

In-depth call analytics

  • Users and admins can access all call data under the analytics menu present in the dashboard. You can monitor insights like call history, number of answered, missed, and outgoing calls, review team members’ call reports and performance, log in and log out hours, and more.

Frequently asked questions in cloud-based PBX

Does Cloud PBX and VoIP are same?

  • VoIP is a technology used in cloud PBX phone system to make and receive calls over an internet connection/data line. Cloud-based PBX is also referred to as a VoIP phone system, cloud telephony, and virtual phone system.

Can I port my existing number to the Cloud PBX system?

  • Yes, if you have an existing landline, personal, or business number from other telecom operators or cloud PBX providers, you can transfer that number to your new cloud PBX provider by following the required process and a letter of authorization.

How much does cloud PBX cost?

  • Cloud PBX providers usually work on a software as a service model and users pay monthly or annually for using/licensing their cloud PBX software.
  • Apart from the standard monthly/annual fee, users also get charged for calls they make on a minute basis and other features they use like SMS, video meetings, adding new users, etc.
  • But with TeleCMI, you can make unlimited calls and onboard unlimited users, thus you can avoid paying per calling minutes and users.

How cloud PBX is used in business?

  • Cloud PBX can be used in many ways, for automated outbound sales using auto dialer, automating customer support using IVR, voice broadcasting, toll-free numbers, virtual business numbers, managing internal communications, scheduling video meetings, and more.

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