Product Updates » Now TeleCMI Users Can Find Business Number & Team Name Data Of An Outgoing Call

Now TeleCMI Users Can Find Business Number & Team Name Data Of An Outgoing Call

  • The launching of this enhanced outbound calling feature allows TeleCMI cloud phone system users to identify the ‘virtual business number’ and ‘team name’ data in the softphone app when making outbound calls.
  • This feature update results in enhanced productivity of sales and customer support representatives as they can easily find the outgoing business number they are using to make calls within the caller screen.
  • Hence, it would be an added advantage when businesses have different virtual numbers as it helps agents find from which business number the call is made. i.e, the businesses’ virtual phone number with the country flag will be automatically displayed on the outgoing call screen including the team name tag like ‘sales’ if it's a sales call or ‘support’ if it’s a support call or ‘default’ if there is no team data available.

An in-depth look into this new outgoing call feature

  • We are constantly enhancing our cloud communication platform with new features and releases. The outstanding feature that we executed recently is the ‘business number’ and ‘department name’ identity features during outgoing calls. This allows agents who are using the TeleCMI platform to identify the virtual number used to make calls to customers in addition to the team name tag on top of the outgoing call screen.

View ‘virtual number’ during outbound calls

  • Before, agents who are using the TeleCMI business phone system couldn’t have an access to find the outgoing business number while making calls, but now they can easily identify the number with the country flag in the live call screen during outgoing calls.
  • Most businesses have alternative virtual numbers for multiple countries, so when an outgoing call is made, agents sometimes have confusion about what number they are using to dial contacts. But with this updated feature, the business number with the country flag is visible while making an outgoing call. So if agents want to change an outgoing number, they can easily switch it by clicking the list of existing business numbers icon at the bottom of the softphone.
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