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Merits Of Virtual Call Center

Virtual Call Center allows customers to resolve their queries at any time. A traditional call center needs wired devices and hardware to manage business communication where TeleCMI helps to keep you away from physical setup cost. Settingup Virtual Call Center in cloud will give additional benefits to your business. Nowadays numerous business sectors are wishing to implement Virtual call center. TeleCMI Virtual Call Center service comes with various call managing features to interact with customers.

Cost-Effective Virtual Call Center Setup

TeleCMI Virtual Call Center helps to make and receive your business calls at economic price. TeleCMI provides advanced Virtual call center services through cloud. Virtual Call Center Services comes with features of Real-time monitoring, adding notes, call back, agent status, etc. Virtual call center will act as the accessing point for both agents and customers. Get Iconic features to manage every business calls.

Live Call Updates

Monitor & Analyse Business Calls

Call Center In Cloud remains an essential for every business & it helps to monitor the live calls of the customers. Supervisors can train the agents in live calls to improve business communication without disturbing the customers. Supervisor can monitor exact status of agents like online, offline, break, or dialer mode. Supervisors can get the complete data for the total number of missed and answered calls per day, week, and month. TeleCMI allows to set up the call flow from the dashboard and assign a team to attend the calls from concern department.

Implement Virtual Call Center In Cloud

Call center in cloud will give a professional look to your business, TeleCMI Virtual phone system allows to manage business calls. Virtual call center is highly recommended for every business. TeleCMI Virtual Business Phone System gives user-friendly features to manage every business call. Business can enable customized IVR menu to welcome the customers pleasantly, through which calls get routed to the predefined agents in respective departments.   


Receive Business Calls From Desired Location

TeleCMI virtual call center service allows agents to receive business calls from any remote location. Every business calls are transferred through cloud phone system and gives quick connectivity to agents & customers. Build a close connectivity with customers across the country with TeleCMI virtual call center service. Virtual call center activities can be monitor and handle from TeleCMI dashboard.

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