Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is telecmi ?

TeleCMI is a leading cloud telephony company which offers cloud-based business communication solutions like virtual number, toll-free number and developer telephony API to businesses like startups, small-scale & large-scale firms and enterprises.

2. What do you mean by virtual numbers ?

A virtual number will be a mobile number or landline number through which your customers will reach your business. Virtual number does not required any physical phone line connections or hardware.

3. What is a toll free number ?

A toll-free number starts with 1800 series through which anyone can connect your business at any part of the nation with free of cost. Toll-free numbers gives your business a good branding and increases the reliability.

4. Why I should go for virtual number ?

TeleCMI's virtual number has the following advantages:

1. To handle customer calls concurrently

2. Personalised greeting message(IVR)

3. Cost-effective business solution

4. No hardware required for implementation

5. Handle calls after business hours.

5. Can I use my existing business number as virtual number ?

Exactly ! You can use your existing business number as virtual number. So that there will be no wastage of time and investment of money in promoting new business number will be saved.

6. Whether it requires any hardware ?

No ! As it is a cloud telephony business solution, it doesn't require any hardware for implementation. It does not require any power backup, special hardware and gateway devices.

7. Whether all the features are free of cost ?

Yes ! All the TeleCMI features will be free of cost for all the commercial plans. So, you can handle customer calls and resolve their sales or support queries instantly by using all of our powerful features.

8. Whether you have free trial ?

Yes ! we provide free trail for a time period of 5 days with Rs. 500 talktime credits. You can check out all our dashboard features in the trail period.

9. What are the available SMS options ?

We have the following SMS options:

1. Customizable greeting SMS to customers.

2. Missed call notification SMS to users.

3. Receiving customers contact number as SMS to users.

4. Sending answered user's contact number to customer for future followup.

10. Why I have to use TeleCMI's cloud telephony solutions ?

We assure our clients to use TeleCMI's solutions for the following things:

1. Excellent call quality.

2. No call drops and lags.

3. 99.95% uptime.

4. 24x7 support to resolve customer queries.

5. Ready-to-go implementation.