BLOG » Best Business Phone System for Small Businesses: Why is VoIP Phone System the winner in 2024?

Best Business Phone System for Small Businesses: Why is VoIP Phone System the winner in 2024?

Small businesses are constantly looking for ways to enhance their business and improve their brand popularity at a minimal investment. However, this criteria has limited options for a feasible solution.

Best Business Phone System for Small Businesses: Why is VoIP Phone System the winner in 2024?

One of the best business phone solutions for small businesses is VoIP technology. VoIP Business Phone Systems have many advantages for small businesses and can be a game changer to them by providing excellent results.

Let us discuss more about this in this blog for a clear perspective.

What is a Business Phone System?

A Business Phone System helps companies make and receive customer business calls. The major need for a Business Phone System is to have a bunch of features to maximize efficiency and extract call log information efficiently.

Business Phone Systems are generally of two major types:

IP phones are devices that transmit voice over the internet. IP PBX services act as a virtual assistant for communication systems.

  • Traditional Business Phone Systems

  • Cloud-based VoIP Phone Systems

Traditional Business Phone Systems:

Traditional Business Phones are primarily landline phones that businesses use every day. Since landlines have been around for many years, most people have grown up seeing these phones in their homes and businesses, and they can also be termed as office phones.

They make use of analog cable lines to transmit voice signals. They are generally copper wires that are hardwired into the device. This is different from wireless communication in our traditional mobile phones.

Landline phones can be corded or cordless. A corded landline phone connects to cabling through a wall jack. These phones will have an interconnected headset and receiver attached to the cord.

On the other hand, a cordless landline phone has a phone base that is wired to cabling while the receiver and headsets remain wireless. This offers more mobility, while the phone range is usually limited within the premises of your location.

Cloud-based VoIP Phone Systems:
Cloud-based VoIP Phone Systems:

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a phone technology that allows users to handle business calls over the Internet. These phones can also be termed as IP telephony, IP phones, etc. Making and receiving calls are done on VoIP systems similar to traditional phones. But the primary difference is that VoIP uses an internet connection.

VoIP systems extract voice through the device’s microphone. The voice data, which are analog signals, are compressed into data packets. These VoIP data packets are transmitted over the Internet and are decompressed back to analog voice signals to help the receiver hear the other side of the phone call.

There are two types of VoIP Phone Systems: On-Premise and Hosted VoIP Phone Systems. An on-premise cloud phone system will require large physical servers installed and need to be maintained in the office. On the other hand, Hosted VoIP Phone Systems are a more popular option for small businesses as the business VoIP service provider will be responsible for maintaining, storing, and updating the servers. Moreover, the best advantage is that they don’t need physical space.

Traditional Vs Cloud-based VoIP Phone Systems:

Cloud-based VoIP Phone Systems have enhanced flexibility and scalability compared to traditional landline phone systems. Also, you won’t be tied to a physical location dealing with copper wires. Since VoIP solutions can be accessed from your mobile device, tablet, laptop, or desktop, you & your team can work from anywhere around the globe.

Instead of investing in more devices, you can use the existing hardware that you are using for the business. Additionally, VoIP is a new technology that deals with constant updates rather than old copper wires with limited features.

Cloud-based phone systems are always adding something new for your team to take advantage of. The more features and integrations you use, the bigger the advantages are. VoIP solutions also offer better pricing and are cost-effective compared to traditional phone systems.

VoIP providers also charge per user per month, giving a clear pricing structure to keep costs under control. You will also be billed based on the usage features, and you can adjust as needed.

Here are the basic features that are available in a cloud-based VoIP phone system:

Keep your existing phone number

Your business number will likely appear on all the business pages, websites, and marketing templates. If you are choosing a business phone number with no choice, then it is mandatory to update it again everywhere to eliminate losing your potential customers. But in the case of Virtual Phone Numbers, you can keep your old business number without switching to a new one.

Customized greeting music for customers

You can greet your customers with your favorite music or call with a pre-recorded message of anything. It can also include relevant business information such as business hours, agent’s availability, etc. This reliable greeting information can increase customer satisfaction during the call waiting time instead of making them feel bored or hang up the call.

Voicemail transcription

If in case you are not available to handle business calls, you can always enable your customers to drop voicemail. Automated voicemail transcriptions will make it easier for you to access important information. You can always listen to audio messages which are delivered during a team member's absence.

Multi-device compatible

When speaking about the best business phone system, VoIP business phone systems are accessible across both mobile and desktop applications. Hence, businesses can access through mobiles, desktops, or web apps directly.

Data Synchronization

All your existing and real-time data are synched perfectly and can easily be viewed on the dashboard. This can save the agent’s time switching between various applications to get the data as they are available up-to-date.

Features in the Best Business Phone System for Small Businesses: Cloud-based VoIP Phone System
Cloud-based VoIP Phone Systems:
1. Call Routing

Call Routing is a feature that helps to direct the call to the respective users or agents based on the availability and customer query. This happens with Interactive Voice Response (IVR), which allows customers to select an option on their phone keypads that directs them to the respective agents.

2. Call Recording

Call Recording enables businesses to record calls to log and save those calls for future usage. In that case, you won’t miss any important details and can also use it to provide training to the agents. This can increase customer satisfaction as agents can provide proper information instantly without making them wait for a longer time.

3. Call Transfer

Depending on the customer query, agents can simply transfer the calls to other co-members or senior members. Moreover, it also involves transferring the calls to different departments of branches based on the customer's need.

Businesses can seamlessly integrate different business applications such as Microsoft, Linkedin, WhatsApp API, and other existing business tools as well. You can also perform CRM phone integration with tools such as Salesforce, Freshdesk, Zoho CRM, Intercom, Pipedrive, etc. CRM integrations are the favorite part to consider when choosing a best business phone solution.

5. Omnichannel Platform

VoIP Phone Systems offer omnichannel communication as all the real-time data are synched perfectly. It includes emails, web chats, SMS/MMS, etc. Hence, agents don’t need to switch between different applications to engage customers instantly.

6. Call Conferencing

Call Conferencing feature in the best business phone system for small businesses. With this feature, multiple team members can quickly get into a single call with customers. This is also applicable to call conferencing within internal organizations. This provides a better option than a multi-line telephone solution.

7. Sticky Agent

Sticky Agent allows customers to reach the same agent they have previously spoken with. This is a win-win situation for both agents and the customers, as customers don’t need to explain the same story, while agents find it easy to address customer queries within seconds.

8. Call Whispering

Call Whispering feature is one of the best features in the phone solution for small businesses. When an agent is speaking with the customer, a senior agent can listen to the live call and provide instructions to the agent privately to enhance customer satisfaction.

9. Call Blocking

As VoIP for small business phone systems provides an end-to-end call management feature, Call Blocking is one such feature that helps end unwanted & spam calls and messages, resulting in productive customer engagement.

10. Get hold of different business phone numbers

Businesses are free to pick different business phone numbers: Toll-free, Virtual, and International Phone Numbers. Toll-free numbers are easy to remember and dial, virtual numbers are the business numbers applicable for both landline & mobile numbers, and International business numbers can help target global customers.

Avail Cloud-based Call Center Solution with TeleCMI:

Undoubtedly, VoIP solutions are effective and budget-friendly options for small businesses. They have an opportunity to attract and grab a huge set of audience globally with power-packed features and integrations. If you are a small business with minimal investment, VoIP solutions are always a fantastic choice to look out for.

TeleCMI is the best business phone service provider, which provides full-fledged VoIP solutions that can increase feasible opportunities for small businesses. We offer AI-powered business phone solutions that can promptly address the customers' needs. Added, we have all the above features in our application that can be customized based on the business requirements.

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VoIP caters to all sets of businesses, be it a small business or a large-scale business. Moreover, investment will not be a constraint as it requires only a proper setup of internet connection to get started.


The cost varies on different factors, such as features, customization, etc, for different businesses.


Absolutely, yes. There is no need to switch to a new number; you can continue using the same old business number.

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