BLOG ยป Best VoIP Calling App For Your Business in 2023

Best VoIP Calling App For Your Business in 2023

Best VoIP Calling App For Your Business in 2023
  • VoIP apps come in both free and paid versions.
  • The free version might be a good choice for individuals and personal use but comes with limited features.
  • On the other hand, professional VoIP apps do wonders for businesses and come with advanced call management and call center features.
  • If you search for VoIP apps on the internet or app store, there are 500+ recommendations you can find. But choosing the best VoIP app that saves you money, in the long run, is a daunting task and requires careful research and comparison.
  • We encourage you to try the TeleCMI VoIP app designed for professional communications.
  • TeleCMI VoIP app allows businesses to enjoy VoIP calls at much-reduced call rates. Also, you can make unlimited calls to any country by opting for an unlimited calling plan.
  • You can access features like virtual phone numbers, IVR, call routing, concurrent calls, call reports, user extensions, softphone, and more.
  • Here are what you can do with the TeleCMI VoIP phone system (app),

1. Get virtual numbers for any country or department

  • Creating virtual phone numbers through a TeleCMI VoIP phone system means that you can have phone numbers that are not tied to a specific physical location or landline device.
  • This can be useful for businesses that have a global reach, or for businesses that have multiple departments that require separate phone numbers.
  • For example, let's say you have a business that operates in the United States and Canada, but you also have customers in Europe. With a VoIP phone system, you can create virtual phone numbers for each of these regions, even if you don't have a physical presence there.
  • This means that customers in Europe can call a local number, even though your business is based in North America. And all calls are routed to your main offices.
  • Similarly, let's say you have a large organization with multiple business units. With a VoIP phone system, you can create VoIP numbers for each of these departments.
  • This allows customers to call the appropriate business unit directly, rather than having to navigate through a single main phone number and then be transferred.

2. Communicate internally using the extension number

Communicate internally using the extension number
  • TeleCMI VoIP app allows admins to assign each team member a unique 3-digit user extension number when onboarding.
  • As a result, it becomes much simpler to reach out to colleagues quickly and without having to remember their full phone numbers.
  • For example, if John's extension is 123, Mary can simply dial "123" on her softphone app to connect with John.
  • This eliminates the need to purchase dedicated desk phones for each employee of the organization.
3. Manage calls on any device you use
  • When a user installs a TeleCMI VoIP app on their device, they can manage their calls on any device they use, as long as they have an internet connection.
  • For instance, if a user has the TeleCMI VoIP app installed on their smartphone, tablet, and laptop, they can manage their calls on all these devices.
  • This means that they can make and receive calls, check their call history, and manage their voicemail from any of these devices.
4. Run a virtual call center
  • A virtual call center is a contact center that is not located in a physical office or building. Instead, the agents work remotely from their own homes or other locations.
  • By using a TeleCMI VoIP phone system, businesses can easily set up a virtual call center because the technology allows calls to be routed to any location where there is an internet connection.
  • Once the phone system is set up, the business can create virtual phone numbers for their agents and route calls to those numbers.

5. Make international calls

  • One of the significant advantages of TeleCMI VoIP is that it allows users to make international calls at low calling charges compared to traditional phone lines.
  • The reason VoIP can offer lower international calling rates is that it uses the internet to transmit voice calls.
  • When you make an international call using traditional phone lines, the call travels through multiple carriers, each of which charges a fee for the call. This can result in high calling charges, especially for long-distance calls.
  • With TeleCMI VoIP, the voice data is converted into packets of digital information and transmitted over the internet. Since the internet is a global network, there are no international boundaries or fees associated with the transmission of data.

6. Make use of our click2call feature

  • TeleCMI Click2call is a feature that allows users to make phone calls directly from a web browser or application such as CRM by clicking on a phone number.
  • TeleCMI also has a Click2call Chrome extension that enables users to make phone calls by simply clicking on a phone number displayed on a web page.

7. Integrate with other business tools you use

Integrate with other business tools you use
  • TeleCMI VoIP system can be integrated with business tools you use such as CRM, email marketing, messaging, and more.
  • This streamlines workflow and improve the productivity of your staff.
  • For example, your sales and support reps can manage calls within the CRM, when TeleCMI is integrated.
  • Above are some of the possibilities but there is, even more, you can do with TeleCMI VoIP such as number masking, custom caller ID, SMS, developer telephony API, automatic call routing, and live call analytics.
  • Download TeleCMI mobile, web, and desktop VoIP apps.
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