BLOG ยป Impact of cloud telephony in real estate industry ?

Impact Of Cloud Telephony In Real Estate Industry ?

  • Now a days investment plays a huge role in everyone's daily life.
  • Investing money for their future assets has been increased more and more in modern days. People are wisely choosing their choices in investing by calculating the profit of their investments in forthcoming years.
  • Also they had options in investements like gold, plots, houses, fixed deposits and bonds. BUt most of the people prefers plots and houses as their first preference.
  • Buying a plot or a home is their first choice for most of the people nowadays. For buying a plot or a home first the buyer will search and list the current real estate companies in the market and the buyer will check for the plots and homes the company is currently selling.
  • After the buyer will contact the real estate company through the phone for details. Here is how the role of cloud telephony works out in real estate industry.

How Does Cloud Telephony Helps Real Estate Industry ?

  • Any real estate company will initially start promoting their plot or homes through all the available promotion mediums like newspaper advertisements, Television advertisements, banners, posters, social media promotions and other sources. In these promotions the real estate company will mention their contact number or business number through which the buyer can able to contact the real estate company to get the details of the plot or home.
  • The contact number or business number which they have mentioned in the promotion medium is the one through which the real estate company can be reached by the buyer for interation with concern sales poerson in the company. Through cloud telephony the business number will act us a virtual number by which all the buyer calls can be handled easily.

Advantages Of Using Virtual Number In Real Estate Industry:

1. It will be an one number promotion for the company

2. It will handle multiple concurrent calls at a time

3. Buyer calls will be routed all the sales executives

4. View call histroy, call recording and take instant call reports

5. Adding and removing appropriate users based on their skills

  • Virtual number in cloud telephony for any real estate business will increase the buyer's enquiry to a large extent than it happens before.

  • Generally real estate companies will promote a single mobile number or landline number for their promotion. In this way, If suppose five buyers are contacting the same business mobile or landline number at the same time the sales executive can answer only the first buyer's call and other calls will get busy tone or waiting tone. In this scenario the real estate company may miss many buyer calls.
  • But in the case of cloud telephony, if suppose five buyers are reaching the same business concurrently, those five concurrent calls will be landed to five different sales executives of the same company through which the real estate company will not miss any buyers call. If suppose all the five channels are occupied and other calls will be landed in the dashboard.
  • TeleCMI's cloud telephony model recommends virtual number for real estate business which increases the growth of the business by increase in the buyer calls. Virtual number for any real estate business is a mandatory solution at the point of promotion which increase the sales and enquiry and to compete with other real estate players in the industry.

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