BLOG » CRM Integration in VoIP Technology: 8 Excellent Benefits You Should Know

CRM Integration in VoIP Technology: 8 Excellent Benefits You Should Know

In the digital era, engaging customers in various communication channels is critical. With the increased usage of digital channels, businesses such as call centers should provide importance to all channels where customers are present. This can eliminate poor customer satisfaction, resulting in losing customers.

CRM Integration in VoIP Technology: 8 Excellent
                        Benefits You Should Know

In particular, businesses using VoIP Phone Systems should use CRM integration (Customer Relationship Management) to enhance customer engagement. Since customers will contact us through various channels, companies should be ready to speak with them quickly and resolve their queries.

In this blog, let us discuss CRM Phone Integration and how it can benefit businesses.

What is a CRM Phone Integration?

A CRM Phone Integration combines multiple software into the VoIP application to facilitate better communication, increased sales, data communication, and quick customer response time. VoIP systems use virtual phone solutions that connect with customers over the Internet.

If you consider TeleCMI, we offer feature-rich CRM and API Integration facilities to help businesses combine software such as Zoho CRM, Freshdesk, Zendesk, Hubspot, Salesforce, Intercom, etc.

You can integrate both inbound and outbound calls into a business website or application. With this feature, agents don’t need to switch between various applications to engage customers, as all channels are integrated into our application and can be viewed on the dashboard.

Added, CRM systems have uses beyond sales as well. For instance, they reveal deep insights about your business audience, can implement marketing strategies based on them, and track results for your business.

Benefits of VoIP CRM Software:
Benefits of VoIP CRM Software:

Integrating VoIP and CRM systems can offer numerous benefits for businesses. By combining the abilities of two technologies, businesses can instantly simplify and streamline their operations and customer communications.


VoIP technology allows businesses to make phone calls over the Internet, which can result in significant cost savings compared to traditional phone systems. By CRM Phone Integration, businesses can streamline communication and eliminate the need for multiple phone lines and CRM systems. With more time and money in your hands, you can focus on other business activities to help achieve your company goals.

Enhanced Customer Experience

The data collected in your CRM provides you with all the information you need about the customer. This makes it simple to offer high-end customer service and support, as your agents are fully trained and aware of the customers who are online. They can easily route these calls to the most skilled agent for handling customer queries.

Additionally, knowing the complete customer’s information provides the opportunity for the agent to personalize the conversation. At TeleCMI, we have a feature named 'Sticky Agent' where customers will connect with the agent they previously spoke with. This can reduce the need to explain the query to a new agent and can get rid of additional time.

Smooth Workflow

When you integrate CRM software into a VoIP system, you can eliminate the need to enter the information manually, as the data is automatically synced to the software. We at TeleCMI collect and capture customer data, store it, and help businesses use it for future purposes.

This helps agents of your businesses to have personal information handy. It includes name, contact details, purpose of the call, previous conversation details, etc. Here are a few such data collected and stored in CRM:

Personal Details: It include data such as name, contact number, email address, and other information that you get from the leads to get back to them.

Customer Feedback: Be it a suggestion or a complaint, as a business owner, you must collect it from them to improve your company and use it as an essential factor while reaching those customers again.

Behavioral Data: By using CRM tools in the market, you will be able to track the behavior of your customers, such as how they interact with your website, your application, call widget, etc., which plays a significant role in the sales funnel.

Demographics: Besides extracting personal information, a few CRMs will provide additional data such as the current job, personal interests, present projects, and much more. They are retrieved through various channels such as Linkedin, Twitter, etc, and understand them better. You can also revise your sales approach by filtering their demography to enrich the profits.

Increased Productivity of Agents

When it comes to traditional work, agents may wait with a paper and pen in their hand while speaking with customers. But this strategy does not work every time. There are higher chances of human errors because of this, resulting in losing a customer.

With CRM Phone Integration, you can easily update and find customer data in seconds without having to switch between multiple platforms. This can save a considerable amount of time and effort, which allows agents to work productively.

Additionally, you don’t need to transfer the call to other agents or put the call on hold as it is directed to the right agent for the respective customer. By integrating your VoIP and CRM software together, you will be working in a unified platform that will provide the data you need.

Aligning the team together

This has been the traditional problem where the marketing, support, and sales teams are not aligned. When multiple teams from different departments speak with the same customer, it can create a mess or disorganization.

This communication gap can result in frustrated customers, losing them, or poor customer satisfaction. Hence, you can retrieve the required data in seconds with CRM phone integration. It also eliminates any mistakes and inconsistencies of different people communicating with a single customer.

Make calls from the CRM

CRM software integration increases the functionalities by eliminating manual work for the agents. CRM phone system integration allows agents to make outbound calls directly and handle inbound calls from the CRM itself.

The major problem for most agents is switching between different modules to pick contact details and make/attend calls. Getting rid of this time-consuming gap is essential with VoIP CRM platform integration. With this automated CRM solutions integration, a click-to-call option will enable agents to make outbound calls in a single touch and can be more productive during working hours.

Modernized SMS and Automation

Another feature is that businesses can make use of SMS facilities. SMS is said to provide better conversion rates with higher chances of opening it. In addition to SMS services, businesses can also leverage multiple high-end features by syncing the data to the dashboard.

With TeleCMI CRM and Phone Integration service, you can automate SMS by sending messages to your contacts depending on the condition. In this way, you can send an automated text message such as follow-up or other campaigns. Apart from the automated SMS feature, you can also send out bulk SMS to your customers. You can send promotional and marketing messages to your contacts from the CRM platform.

Integrated Features

Additional features such as Call Analytics, Call Recording, Call Notes, etc, play an essential role in CRM cloud phone system integration. With a superfine CRM CTI, you can access important call analytics where you can evaluate inbound & outbound calls, view all metrics, and other KPIs. The best part is that you can quickly extract the information from the CRM account.

Also, instead of manually recording information about each call, VoIP CRM integration performs the process here by automatically synching the details. With the Call Recording facility, agents and businesses can listen to the conversation multiple times and make future decisions.

CRM Phone Integration with TeleCMI:

By combining the capabilities of both technologies, businesses can streamline customer communication, improve customer business relationships, and enhance productivity. They are also predominantly cheaper to implement since they are hardware-free. Companies can also replace old-fashioned landlines with VoIP solutions. However, selecting the best solution provider might be a challenging one.

TeleCMIs VoIP and CRM integration setup is designed to be simple and efficient, enabling businesses to quickly set up and seamlessly reap the benefits of cost, reliability, and effective communication.

We provide Zoho CRM phone integration, Leadsquared CRM integration, Hubspot’s CRM integration, Freshdesk integration, etc. You can view and manage everything end-to-end on the dashboard without switching between various modules in the application.

We also specialize in providing features such as:

If you are planning to integrate CRM into your business phone system, we are here to help you. You can check with us for a free demo or consultation; our experts will quickly resolve your queries and help you with VoIP Phone integration.



It refers to combining CRM applications such as Zoho, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Intercom, Salesforce, etc, with the VoIP application, where all the data gets synched to the VoIP application’s dashboard automatically.


CRM Integration ensures all your customer data is synced and remains updated. Hence, it enables different departments to operate effectively by minimizing overall time and human errors.


CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, a technology used for managing and tracking customer data. API stands for Application Programming Interface, a software intermediary that can connect your CRM tool with other platforms.

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