BLOG » How does Cloud Telephony improve customer experience and double your sales?

How does Cloud Telephony improve customer experience and double your sales?

Businesses are now running towards a solution that can cost them less and benefit them more. One such feasible service that can address this is Cloud Telephony. This is the recent trend that most brands have started adopting.

Cloud telephony offers a high-end customer experience, which thereby increases the chances of retention. This can also bring in new customers as well. As every business operates on the cloud and stores the data there, users find it easy to access and use them.

Cloud telephony providers develop a superfine solution that helps you set up calls with your customers hassle-free. As one such provider, we have multiple features in our software that manage your business operations smoothly. This blog lets us know how Cloud telephony products will make the brands profitable.

What is Cloud Telephony?

What is Cloud Telephony?

Cloud Telephony is a phone system that works via a stable internet connection. As the name suggests, it offers voice communication services through a third-party host. Hence, they are referred to as Hosted PBX systems or cloud calling. With this, you can move your business services to the cloud quickly. These systems exist to replace the conventional phone systems.

Cloud Telephony systems can simplify your business operations and help in growing them. If you are expanding your offices worldwide, hiring a remote team, or recruiting your internal team, cloud telephony service can make the process painless.

It also has features that help businesses streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction.

How does Cloud Telephony work?

Cloud Telephony converts analog voice signals into packets and transmits them through an internet connection. Once a number is dialed, a VoIP service Provider routes the call. This technology can erase the need for a traditional landline system, which costs more and is managed by the user.

These Telephony services will work on devices such as Desktops, Laptops, smartphones, and tablets, where you need to enter into the application and get started. These applications have a user-friendly and smooth interface to attract and help users.

As the service runs over a cloud system, you can manage everything online, from adding/removing users, tracking them, handling calls, etc. Added, you can move the company’s phone services to the cloud hassle-free at a reasonable cost.

How does a Cloud Telephony system differ from Traditional Telephone systems?

Cloud Telephone removes the need for physical equipment in the first instance. Internal communication becomes simple and accessible with a robust internet connection. It can be either Wi-Fi, 4G or 5G networks. Added, you can connect to customers across geographical boundaries seamlessly from anywhere at any time. You need a virtual phone number to get started.

In traditional phones, it involves installing a phone system on-premise. It connects your connection to a public phone network through PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Number). Additionally, it also requires an agent to help with the installation process.

Here are the significant differences between Cloud Telephony and VoIP

Here are the significant differences between Cloud Telephony and VoIP:

1. Technology

As discussed earlier, Landline phones work through PSTN, whereas Cloud Telephony services operate through an internet connection. Traditional phones depend on complex cables and wires for communication and must be updated. On the other hand, cloud telephony works through the internet, which will grow higher in upcoming years. This is a modern way where businesses can communicate with customers instantly.

2. Cost

Cost is the most significant advantage for businesses that adopt the best Cloud Telephony service. The conventional landline phones come with huge expenses for installation and call charges. Also, you will be charged a hefty fee if you are looking to grab additional services, such as call forwarding, call transfer, etc.

While with the Cloud Telephony platform, you can save your costs since you don’t have any installation or monthly bills. At TeleCMI, we have free trials, too; you can set up an account, use it, and upgrade it when needed.

3. Reliability

Landlines sometimes don’t meet customer demands. For example, when a business tries to connect multiple lines, there are chances of latency and voice quality issues. This clearly states how landline phones are not feasible for business use.

If you go with cloud telephony products and services that work through an internet connection, it is found to be highly reliable by connecting customers from anywhere. It also routes the call automatically or offers a voicemail feature when the agent fails to respond.

4. Flexibility

As we spoke earlier, if you want to shift your business/ team to another location, the process becomes uncomplicated if you choose cloud telephony services from a Cloud Telephony Provider. But with traditional phones, you again have to start over by installing them. Also, you can lose your customers since you may change to a new number.

4. Advanced Features

Cloud Telephony Solutions come with multiple features that a business requires. It includes call forwarding, call routing, live calls feed, sticky agent, call barging, monitoring the agent’s productivity, call analytics, CRM integrations, etc.

These features are unavailable on the landline phone; only some can be purchased by paying additional costs.

How Cloud Telephony solutions are the game-changers for businesses?

Cloud Telephony services are here to disrupt various industries with its reaping benefits. Moreover, the Cloud Telephony market is expected to raise around 9.7% CAGR from 2023 to 2033.

Cloud calling will offer the following benefits to businesses

Cloud calling will offer the following benefits to businesses:

1. Completely secure

Security has become a significant concern among businesses in today’s world. Cloud Telephony’s innovative approach can bring many positive changes that tighten the security practice. VoIP services offer secure voice and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) rather than TCP (Transmission Control Protocol). Also, it is difficult to trace the virtual phone number, unlike the traditional numbers.

2. Smooth and versatile

As Cloud Telephony services offer the flexibility to work remotely, they can also increase the agents' productivity. Since VoIP services are encrypted, they can safely share confidential information with the internal team.

3. Dynamic

Cloud calling solutions enable users to access advanced features. In addition to this, users can start utilizing newly added features too.

How can Cloud Telephony Products increase sales?
Decentralizing sales
1. Decentralizing sales

Sales can become a rocket if you implement multiple strategies in different locations. By creating these regional or localized offices, businesses can increase sales without needing a central office.

Cloud Telephony solutions enable remote working in sales by providing a chance for professionals to work in sales shifts, which suits them the best!

2. End-to-end control

You can control the sales process entirely with a VoIP-enabled Cloud Telephony system. Once logged into the application, you can add or remove users, configure user analytics, and get a detailed report. Also, you can get hold of using advanced features such as Call forwarding, call routing, sticky agent, call recording, call barging, etc.

Learn more about the high-end features of our VoIP services and how we, as a VoIP provider, will help your business!

3. Better customer experience

Cloud Telephony Providers intend to provide rich customer service and work on high-end customer satisfaction. The application has many features where multiple agents can resolve customer queries in seconds. This makes sure that Cloud telephony solutions can address various customer-centric questions from different geographical boundaries simultaneously.

Added, with Cloud Telephony, customers across the world can instantly connect with an agent. They can also speak to an agent even when the office is closed, as the team can connect from anywhere. Broad networking can enhance customer experience and result in the satisfaction of them.

How can TeleCMI help you with moving to a cloud-based phone system?

The greatest challenge for any organization is to transition from a traditional mode of system to a cloud-based telephony system. As an award-winning Cloud Telephony Provider, we help businesses move to a cloud solution smoothly.

We help our clients set up a hassle-free service customized per the business requirements. Our team is here to provide you with a free demo, too, and you can raise any queries. We also offer good customer support 24/7.

TeleCMI also gives complete importance to security when transferring your data to the cloud. We follow security practices to rule out threats in the future.

Explore our highlighted features of the TeleCMI application?

Explore our highlighted features of the TeleCMI application:

1. Separate User and Admin logins

2. Getting a virtual phone number

3. Call Routing

4. Call Forwarding

5. Call Recording

6. Call Barging

7. Sticky Agent

8. IVR/ Auto Attendant

9. Concurrent calls

10. Detailed Reporting & Analytics

11. Call Masking

12. Easy Modifications

13. Call Back

14. Live Call Feeds

15. CRM Integrations

16. Mobile and web apps compatible

All these features are completely customizable based on your requirements. To get started with the app, here are the things you need to do:

1. Download, register, and log in to the application.

2. Enter your business name and choose the country code

3. Start adding users for the business and assign roles

4. Manage calls

5. Get a detailed report of the calls and agents

We also offer a free trial program, and you can use it to explore our application.

To Close:

Undoubtedly, cloud-based telephony solutions will help businesses reach a greater height. As the world is moving in an Internet era, these solutions are fully reliable and will be in the near and next future.



The Best cloud telephony service provider is a one which has designed a software with rich features that helps businesses to improve productivity and offer them a cost-effective solution. We at TeleCMI rank among the top 10 cloud telephony providers as we have rich experience in the industry.


When compared to traditional systems, cloud-based services are fully safe and come with high-end security practices. It comes with multiple steps of verification and encryption to make sure they are highly secure.


Absolutely, yes. TeleCMI works on customization for its clients and offers them a solution which fits their budget and business requirements.


Yes, you can! Select the desired country and pick numbers based on your choice and enjoy them.


Although, Cloud Telephony works only via a stable internet connection but not to forget it has a plethora of benefits compared to regular phones and systems.

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