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How to Improve Your Inbound Call Center Experience ?

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  • Your customer service experience starts with an inbound call. As a customer, getting put on hold is frustrating and annoying. Your company could be losing customers due to calls going unanswered. It doesn't have to be this way.


  • Inbound call centers have always been considered as the most important aspect of a business. They help you to connect with your customers, understand their needs and get them engaged in meaningful conversations that ultimately lead to more sales and customer satisfaction.
  • To start, call centers should provide their customers with a "self-service" channel as well. By providing this channel, customers will not have to wait on the phone when they need to find out information or ask questions.
  • When customers call a business, they likely got the number from the company website, an advertisement, or word-of-mouth. In this scenario, since customer service representatives can't see the person they're talking to on the phone and vice versa, it can be difficult for them to communicate. This is why it's important for customer service representatives to be able to understand and communicate clearly with customers.
  • However, don't worry, we'll give you some tips in this guide. Clever techniques can help you to handle inbound calls more efficiently.

Table Of Contents:

1. The key steps to improving the customer experience at call centers

A. Use a professional greeting

B. Keep your wait time less than 15 seconds

C. Train your agents to be more efficient

D. Automate support using IVR for small tasks

E. Use an automated call distribution system

F. Offer call-backs during peak hours

G. Ask for feedback to improve your service

2. The advantages of having an inbound call center

1. The key steps to improving the customer experience at call centers

  • Good customer experience is essential to a business's success because it's through customer interaction that businesses get feedback about their products or services. If customers enjoy their experience, they'll not only keep coming back but they'll also tell others about it which could result in new customers. Also, if they have a good experience, they may be more likely to recommend your brand to others.Here are some tips for improving the customer experience at call centers:

a. Use a professional greeting

  • A professional greeting is important to the success of your call center. It sets a tone for the rest of your interaction and helps customers feel welcome and informed, which will improve their experience with you.
  • Use a professional greeting that's warm and welcoming, clear and concise (not too long) and short enough to be memorable. Make sure it's consistent across all channels so that customers have an expectation when they call in or visit your website that they'll hear something similar every time they contact you.

b. Keep your wait time less than 15 seconds

  • It is important to keep your wait time less than 15 seconds.
  • Being put on hold is a frustrating experience that no customer wants to go through, which is why it reflects poorly on your company when it happens. By using TeleCMI's call queue system, you can manage the wait time and distribute calls evenly so that no customer has to wait an undue amount of time before they can speak to someone. This not only cuts down on customer irritation but also improves your company's image.

c. Train your agents to be more efficient

  • Every employee needs to be properly trained before they start their job role. A well-trained agent is more comfortable and confident while speaking with customers, which in turn provides a better experience for the customer. TeleCMI's live feed dashboard allows supervisors to monitor an agent's performance, listen to their ongoing call, train them on the spot, and give instructions - all without disturbing the customer.

d. Automate IVR for small tasks

  • IVR can play a big role in running a call center, but it can also be used for smaller tasks like updating customer info and checking the status of an order. If your company has a lot of employees in different locations, you may want to use IVR to route calls based on where the caller is.TeleCMI's AI-based IVR systems can save companies time and money by offering self-service options to their customers.
  • For example, if someone calls your office asking about adding specific products or services to their account (like requesting order information), then this type of solution would allow them to get the information they need right away without speaking to a live representative. By offering this type of solution, you can reduce the amount of time and resources spent on customer support, which is beneficial for both the customer and the company!

e. Use an automated call distribution system

  • An automated call distribution system is a tool that helps to distribute calls to agents. It uses a queue management system and gives the agents a fair chance of getting their calls answered. The system also helps manage workloads, as it ensures that each agent has enough time for each incoming call, which means your team is less likely to get overwhelmed. Furthermore, if you use an automated call distribution system, you'll be able to see exactly how long each agent was on hold (and thus how much money was wasted). This can help improve efficiency in other departments within your business.

f. Offer call-backs during peak hours

  • The best way to avoid waiting times is to offer callbacks during peak hours. Callback systems are a great way to do this, as they can be automated and used for both incoming and outgoing calls. By using a callback system, you can help ensure that your customers always have someone available to speak to them – without having to wait on hold.

Here’s an example of how we implemented our callback system:

  • Having an automated system that directs inbound calls into a queue allows agents to avoid waiting on hold. Additionally, for outgoing calls, if an agent is busy with another customer, the agent can easily transfer the call to avoid making the customer wait on hold.

g. Ask for feedback to improve your service

  • It's important to always collect feedback from customers at the end of each phone call in order to help your business improve in a variety of areas. By taking the time to get feedback from every customer, you can more easily identify pain points, areas for improvement in agent performance, and customer satisfaction. This feedback is essential for company development and increasing customer satisfaction.

2. The advantages of having an inbound call center

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Better Overall Customer Experience

  • Customers are almost always more satisfied when they're able to handle things on their own without needing to seek out help from customer service. This is because they feel a sense of empowerment and control when they're able to find answers to their questions without any assistance. Of course, there are always going to be those few times when a customer genuinely does need or want to speak with an agent directly. That's precisely why it's essential to have a team of customer service agents readily available to help with product recommendations or answer any questions the customer may have. By giving customers the option to speak with an agent only when they absolutely need to, we create a much more positive and satisfying customer service experience overall.

More Efficient Operations

  • Agents will be able to focus on more complex problems and deal with them in a timely manner, which will result in improved outcomes for both customers and businesses. Equipped with the proper tools, agents will have more time to focus on customer service, allowing them to improve both service quality and efficiency, which translates into improved customer retention rates. A well-designed inbound call center system can also help you lower your overall operating costs.

Easier Management of Higher Call Volumes

  • Inbound call center software is a game-changer for businesses who want to manage their call volume more efficiently. By having proper inbound call center software with modern features, you will be able to not only simplify your business work flow but also allocate more resources to other tasks and areas of your business. This can be extremely beneficial for boosting your business productivity.
Cost Savings
  • Inbound call centers can help businesses save money on operational costs. Your company can provide the best possible customer experience by managing resources more efficiently and routing calls quickly. Furthermore, using a cloud-based call center like TeleCMI can help your company save even more money. Cloud-based call centers are the most effective option because they provide more benefits and have more modern features. A cloud call center can help you save money on hardware and infrastructure, as well as provide other benefits like increased scalability and flexibility.
  • We hope that this article has given you some useful tips to implement in your call center. Whether you are a small business owner or an entrepreneur who is looking for an effective way to improve your inbound calls, it is best to start by getting a call center system that can optimize your call experience. Having incoming calls treated with importance and worked on efficiently will not only help you turn your customers into loyal brand advocates, but it can help you increase your profits and sustainability as well.

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