BLOG » International Phone Numbers: What you should know for 2024

International Phone Numbers: What you should know for 2024

If you are a business looking to target an audience across the globe, you can make it happen without moving from your seat. Wondering how? It is possible by getting International Phone Numbers for your business.

International Phone Numbers: What you should know for

In this blog, let us learn more about International Phone Numbers and why having them for your business is critical.

What are International Phone Numbers?

As the name suggests, cloud-based international phone numbers offer the flexibility of providing communication services outside the country. This means you can contact your target audience and vice versa quickly by using international phone numbers.

Added, they are virtual telephone numbers that are completely unique and are not connected to a fixed landline phone or device, unlike traditional telephone systems which are connected to PSTN. Businesses can handle both inbound and outbound calls effectively with international phone numbers that work through VoIP services (Voice over Internet Protocol) with a stable internet connection.

You can also use international business phone numbers anywhere from any device, such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, computer, etc. As these international toll-free numbers work through VoIP technology, it allows businesses to implement a remote workforce where employees can work from any part of the globe.

How do International Phone Numbers work?

International or Virtual Phone Numbers are the domestic phone numbers for each country where you are looking to grow and establish your business. They act as the local phone numbers, and there is a high chance that your calls will be picked up. Added, toll-free numbers are an easy way to reach businesses as well.

These international landline numbers can be assigned to any device. It can be conventional IP Phones, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc, if they have a virtual phone system.

Let us consider a real-time example: For instance, you have customers coming from different parts of the country, such as the USA, China, Czech Republic, UK, etc. Handling all these clients from various parts of the world is quite expensive as the call rates for international calls are skyrocketing already. But with a VoIP service and buying a virtual phone number, it is just a piece of cake. Moreover, when a customer wants to contact you for a query, he/she will simply dial a number with their country code.

If a customer from China is looking to contact you, they will contact you by dialing a local China number. Similarly, it is applicable to all the countries where you have bought the numbers. All those calls will be directed to your primary contact number.

The best and quickest way to get International Phone Numbers is to find a reliable and top-notch VoIP service provider who can offer you this facility along with high-end and advanced features for a global reach.

Once done with it, here are the steps to be followed:

1. Sign up for the account and log in to it.

Once you have selected the solution provider, the next process is to try out their application. You can sign up by providing the basic details and logging in to your account.

2. Select the country that you are looking to target.

Based on your target audience, you can choose the country where you want to establish a presence from the list of countries given.

3. Choose the type of international phone number for your business (Local, toll-free, mobile).

Once you have chosen the country, the next step is to pick an international phone number of your choice. Based on your business trend, you can choose to have a local, toll-free, or mobile virtual phone number to help customers contact you.

4. Make payment once you have selected the number.

You will be asked to pay a subscription to get started based on the features, customizations, and pricing plans. However, few virtual service providers like TeleCMI provide a free trial to help you explore the application initially before getting into the subscription-based tasks.

5. Start onboarding your agents and handle calls.

Now, you have everything ready at your place. You can start onboarding agents who will be handling customer calls. You can also train them to manage everything end-to-end on a single dashboard.

Benefits of International Phone Numbers:
Benefits of International Phone Numbers:
They are readily available

You don’t need to worry about any installation or equipment facilities as everything is readily available. If you consider traditional ways of getting a phone number, you will have a bunch of paperwork to do and call local phone operators to get started. But, if you want to have international phone numbers, you can simply buy it.

You need to check the available features with a cloud telephony service provider. Once done, you can easily purchase local numbers for global countries and attract your customers.

Cost-effective compared to the traditional options

Setting up a traditional phone system is always tiring and involves a huge chunk of money from your pocket. But, in the case of virtual phone systems, you can set up a business line hassle-free at an affordable price which you cannot imagine. Moreover, it is going to be subscription-based rather than paying every month based on usage.

No separate charges for International Phone Calls

In traditional phone systems, customers pay an additional amount for making international phone calls, where the charges are on a higher end. One of the best perks of having virtual international phone numbers is that customers don’t need to worry about fees for international calls. Customers, as usual, need to pay only the subscription-based fees and nothing other than that with unlimited calling facilities.

Let us consider international phone number example: Usually international phone number format will look like (+) plus sign, country code, city code, followed by the number. It can be a local, toll-free, or international phone number.

Helps small businesses to establish a global presence

Even if you are from a small, remote country, you can still establish a local presence in a global country, such as the US, UK, Europe, China, etc, by buying international mobile phone numbers at a cost-effective price. These numbers help in building positive branding for the companies. Additionally, companies can set up greeting music for each number, allow customers to leave messages, and create a separate business line for each department. This can boost the company’s image and increase customer satisfaction.

You can buy as many numbers as needed

There is no restriction on how many virtual international telephone numbers your company should have. When it comes to regular traditional phone systems, there is usually a limit on how many numbers a company can have. Moreover, businesses must go through tons of paperwork before using a traditional phone number.

These problems are sorted with international mobile phone numbers. Do you need different local numbers for several countries? Do you need separate numbers for the sales and support departments? Yes, it is possible, and you can pick as many numbers as you need to enhance your business quickly.

Virtual Phone Systems come with loaded features

Virtual phone systems are not just for purchasing and managing virtual phone numbers. They are more than that. By having such systems, you can make and receive calls from any location, regardless of where your team or customers are. As this number is not tied to any specific business line, your employees can also work from anywhere. The only requirement is to have a device to handle them and a strong network connection to get started.

Here are a few eye-catchy features of international phone numbers:
Here are a few eye-catchy features of international phone numbers:
  • Call queueing: If you have different types of calls coming in, you can create customized call queues. At this place, you can sort calls based on the rules you set in the app. Based on this, all customer requests are forwarded to the specific department or agent.

  • Call recording: In order to enhance business and customer satisfaction, the call recording feature automatically records all customer calls, which you can listen to whenever you need after the end of the call.

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR): With this feature, you can create an IVR menu with various options to help callers find the right department and the appropriate agent for their queries and issues.

  • SMS/ Text messages: Virtual phone systems allow you to easily send and receive messages to individual or group customers.

  • Call Conferencing: You can merge the customer call with multiple agents to assist customers quickly.

  • Call Forwarding: Businesses can forward incoming calls to any specific agent or department in a single click.

  • Business Hours: You can set the business timings of your agents who are available to pick up calls and intimate unavailability of agents and business.

  • Call Management System & Monitoring: Managers can lively listen to the customer calls and monitor the agent’s performance or provide assistance.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM Integration): Businesses can integrate their existing business tools and CRM in a minute with a few clicks. With this feature, all the existing and present data is synched in the dashboard. Hence, agents don’t need to switch between the applications for any data retrieval.

To Close:

If you are looking for an excellent way to elevate your business to new heights and reach global customers, international phone numbers are an easy and efficient way. They don’t require bulk costs and are simple to set up. We at TeleCMI help businesses get international phone numbers of their choice and enhance their business goals. You can get in touch with us for a free demo or free trial and learn how our products work.



International Phone Numbers can provide a greater visibility to business and enhance their brands. Also, customers will also find it easy to contact them with a local business phone number.


Initially, get in touch with a virtual phone number provider, select a plan of your choice, choose the type of international phone number and get one for your business. Similarly, you buy multiple numbers based on the pricing plans which varies according to customization.


The cost depends upon the type of numbers, limited/unlimited calling, and other major features and customizations.

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