BLOG ยป How can Cloud Call Center Software enhance the Travel industry?

How can Cloud Call Center Software enhance the Travel industry?

Travel is an industry with never-ending customers every day. With a greater number of people willing to travel across the world, it is crucial to address the customers' needs promptly. Customers may sometimes look for in-depth answers with respect to travel, and communicating with them is an essential task to retain them. Switching between different websites will be time-consuming to learn about the location, various hotels, food, etc.

How can Cloud Call Center Software enhance the Travel

With the rise in technology and the internet, VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is an excellent tool to resolve customer queries in minutes. The VoIP market is expected to reach $354.7 billion by 2032, with a CAGR rate of 10.2% from 2022-2032. Cloud Call Center is an end-to-end telephony solution that uses VoIP technology to handle customer calls.

In this blog, let us discuss the importance of Cloud Call Center software in the travel industry and how it can enhance their business operations.

Challenges faced by the Travel Industry:

Challenges faced by the Travel Industry:

People travel when they require a break from their regular lifestyle and make every decision carefully right from choosing a travel agency. Also, travelers seek information from online resources rather than going to the travel agency in person. A virtual call center can be an exceptional solution for traveler queries.

However, the travel industry is facing too many challenges. As the travel industry deals with customers all across the globe, travel agencies expect their employees to work in all time zones and mainly to work in physical locations. With a cloud-based call center, it becomes easier to address customer queries and reduce the burden of the agents, too.

Lack of omnichannel platform

Customers can connect with travel agencies across various channels. It can be web chat, emails, social media, voice, etc. Hence, there is a demand for a single omnichannel strategy where the travel industry is available online, and customers can choose their preferred mode of communication to sort out their questions.

Business Hours

As discussed before, working in multiple geographies can significantly impact business hours. The unavailability of agents post their business hours or on holidays can affect the business poorly and can lose your customers.

Operational Failover

Every interaction is crucial in the travel industry, and operational failover will result in a considerable loss. The loss of customers and their data will increase the risk of this industry.

How can a Cloud Call Center resolve the complexities in the Travel Industry?
How can a Cloud Call Center resolve the complexities in the Travel Industry?
1. Automated Communication for travel queries

With a Cloud-based VoIP Phone System, businesses can extend world-class support to valuable customers with cloud-based voice, messaging, video, AI-enabled speech analytics, and Chatbot solutions. This will create a modern way to address your customers through different communication channels in a single platform from anywhere at any time.

Moreover, a traveler must get as much information as possible before deciding on a travel package. Although much information is available online, it is always better to speak with a real-time agent for a clear perspective. An expert call center agent can handle it effectively and provide the best deals according to his requirements and budgets, which customers will appreciate.

2. Enhanced Security

Customers provide a wide range of data, including sensitive information such as credit card details, home addresses, government IDs, passport details, etc, for their bookings. Travel businesses sustain only with an airtight operation where customer privacy remains crucial.

Cloud call center solutions offer manual information exchange and, in the process, eliminate the risks of data leakage and data loss. Additionally, through click-to-call, customers can ensure that their personal information is not revealed and misused.

3. Deeper Call Monitoring & Analytics

As a business owner, you can get a reliable solution with fully integrated cloud call center software. You can track the complete data about inbound and outbound calls end-to-end with features such as Call Recordings, Call Monitoring, Call Whispering, Call Barging, Call Conferencing, Sticky Agent, etc.

Simply put, businesses can keep track of entire details, such as booking a reservation to the departure or cancellation of the journey, customer feedback, etc, in a single omnichannel platform. This data is stored in the cloud for various strategies such as lead generation, enhanced customer satisfaction, etc.

4. High-end features

Getting top-notch cloud-based software means you can utilize the full features of the cloud, such as IVR (Interactive Voice Response), multichannel communication, higher scalability, and portability. Additionally, you can save all this data over the cloud, accessed from anywhere without losing even a single customer data. With an omnichannel platform, you can speak with all your customers and connect with them through any of their preferred channels, making them available at their desired time.

Hotels, airlines, and travel agencies can experience rich customer service. It can route the calls to the respective department and the desired agent who can answer the queries, reducing the possibility of missed calls and waiting time with IVR. Cloud-based call center software can help travel businesses to personalize calls. Self-service options also enhance customer satisfaction by reducing waiting time on call queues. Few of the software also allow CRM integrations to stay connected with their customers all the time.

5. Increased Productivity

In addition, it also enhances the productivity of the employees and businesses. A cloud call center software will help you track calls with which you can perform marketing campaigns. With more satisfied customers, the productivity of the business will also increase. For instance, a traveler with no experience who got a service from your company can reach for a service again if the person is satisfied.

Additionally, the person will also recommend it to other people planning to travel. This can help you gain new customers. On the other hand, employees can also work remotely without commuting to a physical location. With this flexibility, employee's productivity will also double quickly.

What can we expect for the future of Cloud Call Centers in the Travel Industry?

A report from Salesforce states that 67% of customers feel that technology advancements will positively impact their relationships with the travel and transportation industries. Technology has reduced the need for transportation time as they can view everything over the Internet.

The tech-based advancements have helped businesses implement and support customers through web chats and voice chats done with Artificial Intelligence. When combined with cloud call center software, these features can bring potential profit to both customers and businesses.

When speaking about the future of cloud-based call center service, here are the things we can expect:

  • Assists customers who need extra care.

  • Conducting customer surveys frequently to understand their needs so that you can develop solutions accordingly.

  • Provide a highly personalized service such as special consideration in the food menu, room charges, rebooking, etc.

  • Offer real-time updates and product upgrades to the customers.

  • As it is a cloud-based call center software, one can access it from anywhere with also regular backups to prevent data loss.

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Unlike traditional call centers, these cloud call center software are designed to handle the same functionality of customer calls but over a stable Internet connection. This means that this software is easy to set up and can be accessed from a web, desktop, smartphone, or tablet quickly without the need for a complex installation process.


Customers can get higher satisfaction with a business call center as it provides instant answers to their queries. It also provides self-service options without needing a real-time agent to deal with it.


Apart from the Travel industry, it is also profitable for other major industries such as Real Estate, Hospitality, Education, Food, etc. Businesses that deal with customers as their priority will experience satisfied customers with a cloud call center.


At TeleCMI, we offer a reasonable cost and help businesses set up a Cloud Call Center effectively. We have different pricing plans, you can choose the one that fits your business needs and proceed further.

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