BLOG » 5 Ways How Virtual Call Center Solutions Can Transform the E-Commerce Industry

5 Ways How Virtual Call Center Solutions Can Transform the E-Commerce Industry

In the fast-paced world, it is essential to address the customer needs. If done, a business may retain its existing customers and gain new customers. In particular, industries such as E-Commerce deal with customers on a daily basis. In order to resolve the queries instantly, Virtual Call Center Solutions can be an excellent factor to consider.

5 Ways How Virtual Call Center Solutions Can
                        Transform the E-Commerce Industry

In traditional phone systems, an agent will pick up a call and resolve the queries. It can be anything like order status, payment status, order history, etc. However, the calls are routed to the agent based on the availability. Hence, callers may have to wait until the agent picks up the call. This may result in poor customer satisfaction and even losing your customers.

To get rid of these challenges, Virtual Call Center solutions act as an exceptional solution. In this blog, let us discuss the importance of Virtual Call Center solutions and how they can transform the E-Commerce industry.

Significance of Virtual Call Center Solutions:

Similar to traditional call center solutions, virtual call center solutions are also designed to handle customer calls. But the major difference is that these virtual call centers use VoIP technology (Voice Over Internet Protocol), which uses an internet connection to manage calls.

This means that they don’t need to deal with wires, cables, and expensive hardware installation & setup. These cloud-based virtual call center solutions do not even require a separate IT team to deal with maintenance and troubleshooting issues. Thus, most businesses are switching toward virtual call center software solutions to enhance and simplify their operations.

Present Challenges and how Virtual Call Center solutions can resolve them in the e-commerce industry:
Present Challenges and how Virtual Call Center solutions can resolve them in the e-commerce
1. Insufficient customer engagement

Engaging customers is a crucial thing for every business. Failing to do so will lead to losing customers. For instance, a customer would call your business phone to know more about your product. If the agent is unavailable or the caller makes a call during holidays/business off-hours, there are higher chances that the call will not be picked up. Hence, businesses will fail to engage customers on time.

Solution with a Virtual Call Center:

The most significant advantage of virtual call centers is 24/7 availability. Several tools, like auto attendant, skill-based call routing, intelligent voicemail system, etc., are available to effectively engage customers and resolve their queries. In case of an agent’s unavailability, an auto-attendant will help the customer, or customers can leave a voicemail. With automatic call routing, virtual call centers route the calls instantly to the available agents so that callers don’t need to wait for a long time. This feature helps in higher customer engagement.

2. Poor customer retention

In addition to giving importance to gaining new customers, retaining your existing customers is vital to enhance business. It is not just buying a product and moving on. Instead, they should come back again and purchase from you. Customer retention works in this way. Additionally, a loyal customer can recommend your brand to other customers, too. This strategy can help you acquire new customers.

Solution with a Virtual Call Center:

The best virtual call center is designed to retain your customers by improving customer service. It also comes with features like Call Recording, where you can record customer calls, know their complaints/feedback, and work on them effectively. Call Monitoring is yet another feature where the business supervisor can monitor the live call and direct the agents to speak accordingly. These features help customers solve their queries and motivate them to purchase more.

3. Complicated product return and refund strategies

Product returns are a frequent happening thing in the e-commerce industry. However, multiple challenges are involved, such as difficulty tracking customers' return orders, refunds, and exchanges on their purchases. Every e-commerce business is responsible for working on this complexity and helping customers with hassle-free returns, exchanges, or refunds.

Solution with a Virtual Call Center:

This cloud-based virtual call center software has an Auto-Attendant feature to rule out complications and provide clear information on return and refund policies. Whenever a customer inquires about the status, this feature offers a pre-recorded option from which the customer will choose the required one on their keypad. Based on the option, it will provide the answer. If the customer decides to speak to the agent, it can also be done with automatic call routing, where agents are trained in different departments, and customers will get the correct details shortly.

Let us consider an example: A customer calls the business to inquire about their product refund. The call gets connected to the Auto-Attendant, which provides four different sets of options: product delivery status, product exchange, product refund, or product return. The user picks the option of ‘three’ and selects on the keypad. With respect to the answer, the Auto-Attendant offers the answer and status of the refund. Hence, the complication is resolved in minutes with virtual call center setups.

4. Lack of security

In an e-commerce industry, data security is a crucial thing that businesses should pay attention to. With the rise of online stores everywhere, data security issues such as data breaches and identity theft are becoming common. E-commerce stores must have tight security practices to eliminate them. Moreover, with an online store, there are higher chances of data leakage of customer’s sensitive data.

Solution with a Virtual Call Center:

Cloud-based virtual solutions are a perfect solution to deal with data security issues. It offers various benefits, such as VoIP encryption, restricting and blocklisting private & unwanted calls, enabling NAT (Network Address Translation), secured payment gateways, etc. With these methods, businesses can secure sensitive customer data.

We at TeleCMI are a certified ISO platform provider with end-to-end encryption and offer multiple layers of security to clear away security issues.

5. Higher costs and time-consuming

E-commerce businesses deal with dozens of daily inquiries and calls, leading to expensive maintenance and costs. They need a separate IT team who can deal with resolving issues. A higher volume of calls leads to higher expenses, a major pain point for small businesses. Also, long waiting calls result in a time-consuming strategy that will disappoint customers. With a smartly designed IVR comprising several algorithms, it can route the calls to the desired team or record them promptly.

Solution with a Virtual Call Center:

Virtual Call Center Platforms are the best solution to provide cost-effective and time-saving services. As these cloud-based virtual solutions operate over the Internet, businesses don’t need to worry about the cost or the call volume. They are relatively cheaper, even in the case of international calls, and do not charge any cost for setting up or maintenance. Also, it is unnecessary to hire a separate IT team to troubleshoot the issues regarding VoIP.

Final Thoughts:

As e-commerce companies around the world are looking to build up their businesses in a practical way, these cloud-based virtual call center software solutions can be a simple and quick way. In order to cut down additional costs and improve business efficiency, Virtual Call Center solutions can be the best choice that no industry can ignore.

Added, they can also be customized easily and operated from anywhere with the help of a stable internet connection. Undoubtedly, we can consider them to be the communication industry's future. Incorporating VoIP will enable you to provide better and cheaper customer service with high-end quality and functionality.

Switching to a Virtual Call Center is simple with TeleCMI!

If you are one such enterprise from the e-commerce industry, TeleCMI is the right place for you. We offer the best virtual call center for small businesses and help them come out of the complexities of traditional phone systems. Our fully-featured virtual call center software helps in simplifying their business operations.

We offer the following set of features in our remote call center software:

  • Individual logins for supervisors and agents

  • Call Routing

  • Call Forwarding

  • Call Recording

  • Call Monitoring

  • Call Analytics

  • Call Barging

  • Call Whispering

  • Call Conferencing

  • Call Masking

  • Call Transfer

  • Call Back

  • Sticky Agent

  • CRM Integrations

  • Setting up Business hours

And much more. We also customize the features based on the business needs. Our virtual call center software is designed in a future-centric way with technologies such as AI to enhance business performance.

You can try out our software by signing up for a 10-day free trial and plug & play with various features in the application. If you are completely satisfied and excited to implement for your business, you can choose our budget-friendly pricing plans, which we have for small businesses, and you can choose which suits you the best. Check with us right away for a free demo.



Yes. Any business can adopt Virtual Call Center solutions for the highest benefit regardless of size. As small businesses have limited investment and resources, moving with cloud-based Virtual call center software solutions is a great choice.


It applies to all industries, such as Education, real estate, Hospitality, Tourism, etc. Industries that provide importance to customer queries and satisfaction can enable VoIP services.


The cost depends on the customizations, features enabled, etc. We at TeleCMI support different pricing plans, and you can choose whichever suits your business needs.

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