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Virtual Phone Numbers In India

Virtual Phone Numbers In India
  • If you’re running a business based in India or other countries, you can use an Indian virtual number to make and receive calls within/outside India. A virtual number is just like a regular phone number which you can use to handle incoming and outgoing calls. You can use these numbers to handle sales and customer support calls while allowing your staff to work from anywhere.
  • As virtual mobile numbers work over the cloud, you don’t need an expensive landline or physical telephone device to make and receive calls. Instead, you’re provided with a mobile, desktop, or web application where you can log in with a user ID and password to handle calls. As a result, you can create and use multiple business phone numbers without the need to install a dedicated landline device or desk phone.
  • With TeleCMI, you can easily register a 10-digit India virtual number within 5 minutes over the web interface. You can buy numbers like Indian local phone numbers, Indian toll-free numbers, or even international numbers.
  • Once you register an Indian virtual number, you can perform nationwide and international calls or handle inbound calls through IVR or 1800 toll-free numbers.

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How does a virtual phone number in India work?

How much does a virtual number in India cost?

Features of virtual mobile numbers

How Virtual Phone Numbers are Used?

Activate your Indian virtual mobile number in 3 steps

Frequently asked questions

How does a virtual phone number in India work?

  • A business can buy an Indian phone number from cloud telephony providers like TeleCMI. This can be an outbound number or a toll-free number.
  • Then, you can use these numbers to handle inbound and outbound calls, i.e., you can use the outbound number to make sales calls or a toll-free number to receive support calls.
  • You can track all call analytics on your application or dashboard, like the number of incoming calls, outgoing calls, and missed calls. You can also track live data like queued calls, ongoing calls, and so on.

How much does a virtual number cost?

  • Depending on your chosen vendor, a virtual or Indian phone number alone can cost from $5 to 10, and you need to buy a separate voice package ranging from $20 to $ 100 per month to avail calling benefits.
  • In TeleCMI, we provide a free virtual number for our new customers when they buy any of our voice plans. Our business voice plans start at $15/mo. It includes a business phone number, call center features, VoIP calling, free calling minutes, unlimited calls (on select plans), and other essential business communication features.

Features of Virtual Phone Numbers

Features of Virtual Phone Numbers

Call forwarding

  • Call forwarding is one of the salient features available in business phone systems. It’s used to redirect incoming calls to alternate phone numbers or agents’ mobile numbers. When contact center reps are away from the office, you can use call forwarding to reroute inbound calls to the agents’ numbers. As a result, you can avoid missed calls and serve your customers without service interruption.


  • With voicemail functionality, you can collect audio messages from your customers when you’re not available to pick up the calls. You can access all the received voicemails in the cloud phone system application, and later reps can arrange a call back to callers. Setting up voicemail is easy and takes only a few minutes in virtual business phone systems like TeleCMI. All you need to do is navigate to voicemail settings, select the voicemail number, and upload music that can be played when customers call the voicemail-enabled business line.


  • IVR is an interactive voice response system that acts as a virtual receptionist and handles and routes incoming calls to the available agents without human assistance. If your business receives hundreds of support calls every day, IVR is a very time-saving feature you can use to attend all calls automatically and redirect them to the support reps. This results in a reduced need for manpower to manage business calls.

Call routing

  • When your centralized business number receives incoming calls, you can route them using different call routing options like skill-based routing, time-based routing, and sticky agent. These features ensure the business calls are redirected to the appropriate agent with matching skill sets in the right time zones.

Call recording

  • Using the call recording feature, you can record and store conversations between your customers and agents. You can activate it by default or during live calls. Call recording has many benefits, like coaching agents, handling customer disputes, developing sales and customer service protocols, and building better products and services.

Call monitoring

  • Call monitoring is an essential feature used in call centers to monitor live call data like queued calls, ongoing calls, and call history. You can also monitor agents with features like call barge and call whisper.


  • Users can send SMS to callers or customers using pre-defined SMS templates that save time. You can send messages like feedback collection, survey taking, CSAT, and post-call SMSes.

Call conferencing

  • You can conference virtual meetings with your colleagues and remote employees using 3-way calling and HD call conferencing features. You can allow multiple participants in the conference call without experiencing jitters, call echoes, and call disconnections.

How Virtual Phone Numbers are Used?

  • Cloud phone numbers help to create a professional touch to your services, and it can be used in industries like,

Real Estate

  • Real Estate industries receive huge calls every day, and it is very important to answer each call. If a single call is missed, that will lead to a huge loss to their business. By using business phone numbers they can automate their call management system without dropping a single call.


  • Education is one of the majorly transformed sectors in the country. The sector have improved its process by adopting new technologies. Educational Institutions like schools and colleges will receive huge calls during their admissions. It is very difficult to track every call. But virtual phone numbers with dashboard features ensure that all the inquiry calls are monitored and recorded for future reference.


  • Healthcare is a sector that cannot afford any lag in communication. A medical emergency will need an immediate response from support centers. The business phone numbers are used for faster query resolution and scheduling and tracking appointments with patients.


  • Service industries like AC, Washing machines, and TV require service when consumers raise a complaint. Virtual phone numbers are used to book a home-based service appointment. You can separate the service using IVR and track all the appointments using dedicated business lines.


  • The automobile industry is one of the largest industries in the world, where the customer calls the company for sales and vehicle service. All the incoming calls are more important for their business growth. Business phone numbers will help them manage all incoming calls with call monitoring and recording features.

Activate your Indian phone number in 3 steps

  • Step 2: Search and select your phone number
  • Step 3: Start making and receiving calls, including access to call analytics.

Frequently asked questions


A virtual phone number is a local mobile number or landline number which allows callers to reach anywhere in the globe. These virtual phone numbers are programmed to forward incoming calls to multiple pre-set telephone numbers. We can also use our existing business number as a virtual mobile number. It is not directly connected to any telephone lines and is independent of geographical location, network error, and so on. Using virtual numbers, we can able to track and monitor all the incoming calls received. These cloud phone numbers don't need any hardware setup, and they are location independent.


Virtual phone numbers are legal in India and work like real phone numbers. It’s authorized by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India). These phone numbers give more flexibility for businesses that want to scale geographically and serve clients in other countries.


Yes, tracking a virtual number is possible, but it requires support from Internet Service Provider (ISP) and government authorities. As a virtual number uses VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) to transmit calls, the location of the device can be traceable using an IP address.


If your business has offices and clients in different countries, you can avail of a local phone number to get a local presence and build trust from local customers. Other use cases include running marketing campaigns, temporary phone numbers, customer service, and international presence.

  • Let’s sign up for free to register and use a 10-digit India virtual number from TeleCMI.
  • For inquiries, reach our sales experts at 1800 890 3305 or book a free demo here.

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