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Virtual Phone Numbers In India

  • Virtual phone numbers in India is a local mobile number or landline number, Which allows the callers to reach anywhere in the globe. These virtual phone numbers are programmed to forward incoming calls to multiple pre-set telephone numbers. We can also use our existing business number as a virtual phone number.
  • It is not directly connected to any telephone lines and it is independent of geographical boundation, network error and so on.
  • Using the virtual phone numbers we can able to track and monitor all the incoming calls received. These virtual phone numbers doesn't need any hardware setup and it is location independent.

How Does A Virtual Phone Number Works ?

1. The customer calls the centralized business number promoted by the company.

2. Then the call is routed to the sales executives or customer support executives of the company.

3. TeleCMI's cloud telephony will connect the customer and the business executives.

How Can Virtual Phone Numbers Used ?

  • Virtual phone numbers helps to create a professional touch to your services and it can be used in industries like.

Real Estates:

  • Real Estate industries receive huge calls every day, it is very important to answer each call. If a single call is missed that will lead to a huge loss to their business. By using virtual phone numbers they can automate their call management system without dropping a single call.


  • Education is one of the majorly transformed sector in the country, they have improved their process by adopting the new technologies. Educational Institutions like schools and colleges will receive huge calls during their admissions. It is very difficult to track every call. But virtual phone numbers with dashboard features ensure that all the enquiry calls are monitored and recorded for future reference.


  • Healthcare is a sector which cannot afford any lag in communication. A medical emergency will need an immediate medical response. The virtual phone numbers are used for an immediate response, making appointments and tracking appointments.


  • Service industries like AC, Washing machine, Tv need a service. Virtual phone numbers are used to book a home-based service appointment. Using virtual phone numbers you can able to separate their service using IVR and can able to track all the appointments completely.


  • The automobile industry is one of the largest industry in the world, where the customer calls the company for sales and vehicle service. All the incoming calls are more important for their business growth. Virtual phone numbers will help them to manage all the incoming calls with call monitoring and call recording features.

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