BLOG » VoIP Phone System for Recruiters: Benefits & Features for 2024

VoIP Phone System for Recruiters: Benefits & Features for 2024

The HR industry is the most common sector that struggles to find the right talents in the industrial world. Sometimes, it is beyond a resume shortlisting where a candidate has to be found with various criteria such as experience, technology experience, location preference, etc.

VoIP Phone System for Recruiters: Benefits & Features
                            for 2024

Seamless and regular communication is critical in knowing more about the candidates and filtering them for initial screenings, arranging interviews, etc. Undoubtedly, phone calls are the best way to reach out to candidates.

In today’s world, recruiters face multiple challenges to create and filter the best matching candidates. This means that recruiting teams need to work efficiently, where VoIP Phone Systems are beneficial for businesses.

Why VoIP Systems for the HR Industry?
Why VoIP Systems for the HR Industry?

Competition is a critical factor for all industries, and it is relatively high. A cloud-based VoIP system will provide you with the best communication and digital innovation. HR industry will use a cloud-based phone system for the following reasons:

Extracts appropriate candidates

With VoIP for recruiters, HR industries can eliminate bias by sourcing and assessing candidates using advanced data-driven analytics and digital tools to eliminate possible misjudgments caused by bias or false logic.

Enhances workflow efficiency

VoIP systems for recruiters also enhance workflow efficiency. This software also supports human interaction, which is mandatory for engaging with job applicants and candidates. With the right business tools, the process is streamlined. Job requirements are matched with the applicant's job skills to narrow down candidates with the proper criteria of experience, skills, and other factors.

Provides fast hiring

VoIP Systems helps the HR industry to develop relationships with the top candidates for their clients. These tools save multiple hours of time by eliminating the time-consuming process. These tools save them hours of time and keep the data organized so that recruiters can hire employees instantly. A cloud-based VoIP phone for recruiters and VoIP integrations can speed up the hiring process from weeks or months to days.

Helps in quick positions filling

Efficient talent teams develop a strategic talent pipeline so they can proactively match clients with respective candidates. The appropriate tools and workflows can help to figure out candidates for positions that are hard to fill. Traditional recruiting methods are inefficient, expensive, and challenging tasks.

Benefits of VoIP for recruiters:
Benefits of VoIP for recruiters:

Resumes and CVs are the basic and critical elements that enable high-end information about job applicants, but even most of the resumes don’t tell much about the candidate from these factors.

Hence, phone communication helps recruiters learn more about job applicants and also 8determine their interpersonal & communication skills to check if the candidate is applicable and a perfect fit for the job.

When making the perfect decision that matches employers and candidates, recruitment specialists have to make a proper choice. To succeed in this, they have to go through everything end-to-end, access job skills, qualifications, etc.

Inefficient workers will frustrate employers and will be a failed decision for the companies. A VoIP Phone System has all the tools to ensure streamlined and efficient workflows. Maximize

Here is how recruiters can benefit from VoIP Phone Services:

You will never miss a call

The major benefit of the VoIP System is that you will never miss a call, which can create a better experience for both recruiters and candidates. Call Routing and IVR features will help calls to be connected to the appropriate agents in the first ring.

Enhances Efficiency

When using automated tools to recruit the candidates, HR teams can also increase the efficiency by reducing the time spent on admin tasks. It can also remove the need to sort through different bunches of paper resumes and CVs in order to streamline and select the required candidates.

Take advantage of automation

Right from scheduling interviews to call logging and ticketing, recruiting automation can help agile teams find the desired candidates for the role. Automatic ticketing provides recruiters information about updated job status, tracks open positions, and helps to fill vacancies quickly.

Get hold of data in real-time

Investing in VoIP for recruiters allows one team member to pick up the call when the other member is unavailable or is busy on another call. As the VoIP Phone Services are user-friendly and easily accessible with mobiles, team members can always remain connected and keep track of candidates end-to-end in the hiring process.

Offer a robust candidate experience

VoIP for recruiters can be a great savior to help candidates experience seamless communication with its notable features. Moreover, one can also easily switch between phone, chat, email, and text communication channels to meet the respective candidates where they are.

10 Excellent features with VoIP for Recruiters and Staffing Agencies:

VoIP System helps you save time on manual data entry to spend more time accessing talent and creating your company’s employer brand.

10 Excellent features with VoIP for Recruiters and Staffing Agencies:

Here are the 10 major features of VoIP solutions for recruiters:

1. Call Routing

The Call Routing feature enables you to automatically route calls based on client preferences or team member’s availability.

2. Call Extensions

With this VoIP Phone System feature, you can assign everyone on your recruiting team a personalized three-digit extension so the respective candidates or internal team members can contact you instantly with that number.

3. Call Tagging

The Call Tagging feature helps you tag calls in real time so that any recruiter will instantly get recent candidate updates.

4. Power Dialer

Power Dialer allows recruiters to easily dial job applicants in seconds instead of performing manual dialing and saving time on this.

5. Seamless Integrations

Recruiters and companies can seamlessly integrate various applications, making the work even more efficient. All apps that deal with inbound and outbound calls are synced right away so that you don’t need to switch between multiple applications to get your work done.

TeleCMI offers robust CRM Integration facilities that support businesses to integrate with applications such as Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Intercom, Freshdesk, Pipedrive, etc. Other communication channels, such as Whatsapp API, can also be integrated quickly.

6. Call Recording

The Call Recording feature helps businesses to enhance customer experience and deliver a fruitful service. One can keep track of candidates’ conversations with the recruiter so that one can filter and narrow down the recruiting pipeline by selecting the desired candidates. As a result, you can quickly determine training and coaching opportunities.

7. Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems are developed to quickly extract callers according to their needs and automatically direct them to your company's appropriate agent or team member. You can set up an automatic voice recording with instructions on how to reach the respective recruiter within a few seconds.

8. Unified Communications

VoIP Systems provides you the benefit of unified communication in a single platform. Phone calls, video conferencing, SMS, MMS, and other messaging facilities can be found in a single place and accessed with ease. At TeleCMI, we provide both Desktop and mobile apps, and businesses can choose the one that they are comfortable with and save your time from switching between applications.

9. Voicemail

If in case your agents are not at the desk to receive and handle the calls, candidates can simply leave a voicemail, which the team members can listen to later. You can also save it for future use. Additionally, you can also forward voicemails to other colleagues so that they can take care of it during a team member’s absence.

10. Feature-rich Business Analytics

VoIP Systems ' deep analytics feature allows businesses to analyze and make futuristic decisions. As a business owner, you can know the performance of each and every recruiter in the HR team by filtering through different factors, such as call duration, missed calls, attended calls, abandoned calls, etc, in a super informative dashboard.

What can we expect with VoIP Systems apart from recruiting?

Apart from recruiting, VoIP Phone Systems can be beneficial in a couple of ways:

1. Simplified Onboarding process for new hires

The initial week of employment is the crucial factor that every HR member must go under to retain candidates. A streamlined VoIP Phone System provides an efficient solution to help the onboarding process be more efficient, as it contains the necessary tools for quick collaboration. It includes call conferencing, online meetings (both audio and video), quick file sharing, and instant messaging to clarify doubts, if any.

2. Handle remote employees skillfully

Not every business is working on 9-5 and 5 days a week. There are businesses that come under rotational shifts, weekend shifts, etc. Moreover, to tackle this, most organizations provide complete flexibility in terms of timings and work location. With such perks in hand, it is a challenging task to quickly collaborate and track the employee's performance on a daily basis. This is where a cloud-based VoIP Phone System acts as a savior by offering features such as call recording, audio & video calling, etc.

Switching to the Best VoIP Phone System for Recruitment:

If you are a recruiting firm and looking to switch to a VoIP System, TeleCMI is here to help you. We have an ample amount of experience and can provide a fully-equipped solution with reliable and effective tools to make your process easier. You can get in touch with us for a free trial, and our experts would love to show you a demo of our product for a better understanding.



VoIP Phone Systems can increase productivity with packed features such as Call Recording, Integrations, Call Routing, and much more where staff don't need to work on different processes as VoIP saves agents time manually.


The cost varies based on the customizations and features you are planning to have in your VoIP Phone System.


Yes, you can integrate your existing business tools for a fast and efficient collaboration as the data is synced in real-time.

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