BLOG ยป Why Do You Need Outbound Dialer For Your Business ?

Why Do You Need Outbound Dialer For Your Business ?

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Table Of Contents:

1. Outbound dialer: an overview

2. The different types of outbound dialer

3. Outbound dialer Features

4. How an outbound dialer can help your business

5. How to choose the right outbound dialer for your business

1. Outbound dialer: an overview

  • An outbound dialer, or auto dialer, is a software that automatically dials phone numbers and connects callers with a customer service representative or other agent. The dialer makes it possible for businesses to make a huge number of outbound calls without having to dial each number manually.
  • The auto dialer software first starts by dialing a list of phone numbers that are stored in its database. As the call is being placed, the dialer will also check to see if the number is a working number or not. If the number is not a working number, the dialer will automatically move on to the next number on the list.
  • Once a call is connected, the outbound dialer will then connect the call to an available call center agent. The agent will then be able to speak with the customer.
  • Outbound dialer can be very beneficial to call centers, real estate, the insurance sector, education institutions, financial service providers, debt and bill collection, contact centers, e-commerce, and many other industries. They can help to improve the efficiency of the call center agents by automating the process of placing outgoing phone calls. In addition, an outbound dialer can also help to improve the quality of customer service by ensuring that calls are always connected to an available agent.

2. The different types of outbound dialer

  • An auto dialer system, or outbound dialer, is used to contact customers or prospects on behalf of a company. There are three main types of outbound dialer: predictive, preview, and progressive.
  • Predictive dialer: Predictive dialer is the most efficient type of outbound dialer, and are often used by telemarketing companies. They make calls automatically, and connect the caller to a live person when one is available. This allows for a high rate of calls to be made in a short period.
  • Preview dialer: Preview dialer requires the user to dial each number manually, but will display information about the customer or prospect before the call is made. This allows the user to tailor the call to the individual, prepare before the call, and results in a higher conversion rate.
  • Progressive dialer: A progressive dialer will automatically dial a list of numbers but will only connect the call when the user is available to speak. This type of dialer is also efficient as a predictive dialer, and it is more flexible since the user can choose when to take calls.

3. Outbound Dialer Features

  • An outbound dialer is a powerful tool for contact centers and businesses that make a lot of outgoing calls. It can automate the process of dialing numbers and keeping track of call results, helping to improve efficiency and productivity.
  • There are many different features that an outbound dialer can offer, and the right solution for your business will depend on your specific needs. Here are some of the most popular features to look for:
  • Answer Machine Detection: This feature helps you to identify when a call goes to an answering machine, so that you can leave a message or try again later.Alternatively, the call will only connect when a live person answers the other end.
  • Auto Call Answer: This feature allows the outbound dialer to answer calls automatically so that agents can automatically receive dialer calls and do not have to wait for the ring tone, thus increasing the agents' talk time.
  • Agent-Skill based routing: This feature allows you to route calls to the agent who has the right skills for improving customer engagement, so that each call is handled effectively.
  • Real-time monitoring: Keep track of your business communications with a live dashboard and get detailed analytics of your agent's performance by listening to the list of active, on-going calls.
  • Voice Broadcast: Outbound voice messaging services are a great way to stay in touch with your customers and promote your business to a large, targeted audience. Outbound voice messaging services are also great for sending reminders to customers about upcoming appointments or events. You can also use this service to send out special offers or coupons to your customers.
4. How an outbound dialer can help your business
  • An outbound dialer can be a great asset for any business. It can help you to make more calls in a shorter amount of time, and can also help to improve your customer service. Here are a few ways that an outbound dialer can help your business:
  • Place more calls in a shorter amount of time: An outbound dialer can help you to make more calls in a shorter amount of time. This means that you can reach more customers in a given time, which can lead to more sales.
  • Improved customer service: An outbound dialer can also help you to improve your customer service. This is because you can take more time to talk to each customer, and can also offer them the option to leave a voice mail if they are not available. This can help to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Improved agents performance: Agents can dial more contact numbers in a shorter period, which leads to more opportunities to speak with potential customers. Outbound dialer can help to improve the quality of calls by providing features such as call recording and live call monitoring. This allows supervisors to listen to the active calls and provide instructions to agents without disturbing the customer, which can help to improve the overall quality of the team.
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  • Improved sales conversion rate: Outbound sales dialer software helps in accelerating sales conversion by eliminating obstacles such as time-consuming manual dialing, busy tones, and disconnected numbers etc. This allows agents to focus on other tasks rather than on dialing, and to make more sales calls in less time.
  • Save money: An outbound dialer can also help you save money. This is because you will not need to hire as many customer service representatives, and you will also not need to pay for as many phone lines. This can help reduce your overall operating costs.
5. How to choose the right outbound dialer for your business
  • There are a few things to consider when choosing the right outbound dialer software for your business. If you have a large outbound calling team, you will need an auto dialer system that can handle a high volume of calls with advanced features that keep your contact center updated. If you have a small business, you may not need as many features, so you can save money by choosing a customized plan from a provider based on your business needs.
  • The second thing to consider are the features you need. Some providers, like TeleCMI, offer an outbound dialer solution that comes with a wide range of modern features and more flexible solutions to make your agents more productive. You need to decide which features are most important to your business and choose a dialer that offers those features.
  • There are several advantages to using an auto-dialer, such as saving time, improving conversion rates, increased call connection rates, and monitoring agents' performance in real time. Considering these advantages, we recommend businesses invest in auto dialer software to automate manual calling and outbound sales processes.
  • Feel free to contact us. We'll be happy to provide you with a free quote and trial of our auto outbound dialer.

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