BLOG » US Toll-free number: What is it, and how do you get one?

US Toll-free number: What is it, and how do you get one?

Business numbers are critical in enhancing customer experience and engaging customers quickly. Whenever customers face any hurdles, the business number comes as a priority thing to remember, and they contact the business instantly.

US Toll-free number: What is it, and how do you get one?

In particular, having a toll-free number for your business helps potential customers get in touch with you for free, and these numbers are also easy to remember. This blog lets us learn about US Toll-free numbers and how to obtain one for your business.

What are toll-free numbers?

Toll-free numbers allow customers to contact you free of charge instead of paying a fee or ‘toll.’ The business owner will be charged for both incoming and outgoing calls. These numbers start with a three-digit code.

The most common prefix is the ‘1-800’ number, which is why they are termed ‘800 numbers’. Apart from ‘800’, other prefix numbers include 877, 855, 866, 844, and 833. All these numbers work in a similar way when it comes to customers and businesses.

Yet another fantastic factor is that they are cost-effective. Many small-scale companies, too, purchase these numbers to make them a part of a unified communication platform that can reduce their overall costs. Callers can make use of landlines, mobile phones, or VoIP phone systems to make toll-free calls. There are charges to callers when they make calls to a toll-free number outside of their country.

How does a toll-free number work?

From the customer’s end, toll-free numbers work the same way as standard business phone numbers. They will simply dial the toll-free number on their keypads and will reach the business.

Toll-free numbers are easy to handle. If you own a VoIP Business Phone System, you can route inbound toll-free calls to the appropriate agents or other departments, similar to other customer calls in the business.

Vanity numbers are also a type of toll-free number but come with a slight difference. Instead of digits in a toll-free number, they come with customized spell-out words on the phone’s keypad. One famous example is 800-FLOWERS, which directs customers to flower brands that turned out to be a positive reach.

Advantages of toll-free numbers:
Advantages of toll-free numbers:
Make it easy for your prospects to reach

Toll-free numbers will provide the flexibility to reach multiple communication channels such as SMS, instant messaging, chatbots, webchats, etc. However, in some instances, customers still prefer to contact businesses through phone calls.

Even when you are not in the office to pick up the calls, toll-free numbers let your customers get a response with call forwarding service. Additionally, you can also use auto attendant to handle inbound calls outside of business hours, route calls to agents, direct voicemail, and much more.

Greater outreach in different regions across the globe

Yet another benefit of Toll-free numbers is that they increase national presence to help you gain attraction of customers beyond your local area or city. As toll-free numbers have no geographical restrictions, you can establish a global presence anywhere across the globe.

If you open an office in another location, you can use the same international phone number for different branches, creating a win-win situation for both customers and businesses. You can also purchase toll-free numbers from VoIP providers like TeleCMI for various countries to establish a local presence there.

Bring it wherever you want

The most significant advantage of toll-free numbers is they are portable, as they work through VoIP Systems. If you move your office to another place, set up a new one at a different location, or go completely remote with your team, you can easily take your toll-free calls.

Attract new customers with built-in analytics

Having toll-free numbers helps businesses get new customers and provides end-to-end analytics features to make futuristic decisions. One can get deeper insights into their business performance by measuring factors such as phone traffic, call duration, number of incoming calls, number of outgoing calls, missed call data, etc. In this way, you can track if people are using your toll-free number and how long they are talking to you. Since toll-free numbers are easily accessible everywhere, you can have one for marketing and one for businesses to speak with customers instantly.

Appear more professional

Be it a small or large business, you can appear more professional with a toll-free number. You can appear more professional and recognized to customers across the world. The professionalism of a toll-free number will always make the organization look responsible and bring numerous customers to your business quickly. Not to forget, these numbers are easy to remember and customers can reach you in seconds by simply dialing it.

Separate your business life from your personal life

Incoming business calls can be routed to toll-free business numbers, where your agents can handle them without routing your personal numbers directly. With toll-free numbers, you can always see when you receive a business or personal call on the same device. This can be done by having two separate numbers on a single phone. Yet another advantage is that your personal number can kept private without being exposed online. This can gradually reduce the risks of spam calls, malicious attacks, data theft, etc.

Features of a US Toll-free number:
Features of a US Toll-free number:

Be it a US toll-free number or any country’s toll-free number, businesses can enjoy the following features by adopting a VoIP phone number:

Call Transfer

Calls can be transferred in a single click to the appropriate agent or team without the customer waiting a long time. Businesses can also setup workflow of calls based on their agents and business to engage customers then and there.

Call Forwarding

Toll-free numbers offer a call-forwarding feature. In this way, users are open to choose whom they want to connect with based on their query, which is further forwarded to the respective agent or the team to remain engaged. In addition to this, businesses can enjoy features such as Call Routing, Multi-level IVR, etc.

CRM Integrations

You can connect to your existing business tools or third-party applications as a VoIP provider, we offer countless opportunities to combine everything together. For instance, you can integrate tools such as Slack and manage customer conversations such as calls & messaging in the same window without switching between the applications.

Call Recording

We have in-built call recording tools for your US toll free number and any other numbers which you are using in the workspace. With this feature, you can effectively improve your training and quality assurance processes. You can also determine the quality of your agent’s performance and make the required decisions.

Voicemail transcriptions

The best feature of toll-free numbers is that they provide the caller's voicemails in context with the rest of the prior communication with them. If incase your business agents are not available to pick up the calls, they can always leave a voicemail, which the agent can listen to in the future and provide back the solution.


On the other hand, toll-free numbers are a great way to make it happen if you want to send and receive messages. Your customers can leave messages, and you, as a business, can send out messages to them. In addition to traditional messaging, you can also connect with webchats, emails, social media channel conversations, etc in the same place without the need for switching between different platforms.

How to get started with a US toll-free number?
How to get started with a US toll-free number?

If you are planning to switch to a US toll-free number or a toll-free number with any country, here are the steps in the checklist:

1. Get in touch with US-toll free number provider

For an effective and scalable toll-free number for your business, the initial thing is to get in touch with a VoIP provider who helps with US toll-free numbers. At TeleCMI, we have different country options, and you can select the ones based on your business at a budget-friendly pricing structure.

2. Your preferred device

As toll-free numbers work on any device, you can choose a device of your choice. You can access the information from multiple devices, such as mobile phones, which include both Android and iPhone, desktops, laptops, and tabs.

3. Powerful internet connection

Yet another and the most important factor to consider is the robust internet connection. As VoIP phone systems operate over the internet, it is crucial to have a powerful and good internet connection to get started.

Get a toll-free number at pocket-friendly price with TeleCMI:

TeleCMI provides you with the US toll-free number and toll-free number of any country with a choice for thousands of businesses worldwide. You and your team can receive and make international phone calls in seconds without paying a bulk amount with traditional phones, which depend on call duration.

Added, you can also integrate with third-party applications and use multiple advanced features in our system to provide a seamless customer experience for your business. Get in touch with us for a free trial and have a look at our application to learn more about the product.



Yes, you can port your existing toll-free numbers easily so that you can use your current number with your new VoIP Provider.


The price for a toll-free number depends on the phone service you plan to use. As a US toll-free number provider we offer them at a reasonable price.


Toll-free numbers are free to call within the country where the number is chosen from. For example, if it is from the US, the US toll-free number is free to call in the US, while is charges are applicable for other countries.

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