BLOG » Best Virtual Phone System for Small Business: How TeleCMI can be a game-changer?

Best Virtual Phone System for Small Business: How TeleCMI can be a game-changer?

Internet and Cloud technology are taking the stage to help businesses in the present era. As it has tons of benefits, companies find it as a cost-effective and excellent solution to enhance their business. One such use case of Cloud technology is the Virtual Phone System.

Why Should Small Businesses Embrace Cloud Telephony

These Virtual Phone Systems exist with the motto of replacing traditional phone systems by resolving their complexities. In this blog, let us discuss the importance of Virtual Phone Systems for Small Businesses and how they can transform their growth to the next level.

Virtual Phone System: Everything You Should Know

A Virtual Phone System is a modern communication platform where businesses can make and receive customer calls anywhere and anytime. It is a budget-friendly way to remain connected with the customers, business partners, and internal and external teams, as it offers high-end features such as IVR (Interactive Voice Response), Call Forwarding, Call Recording, etc.

Virtual Phone Systems pave the way for businesses to manage end-to-end operations and enhance productivity hassle-free. Moreover, they are easy to set up, flexible to use, and come at a reasonable price for small businesses.

These Virtual Phone Systems are compatible across various devices such as mobiles, laptops, desktops, tablets, etc. Instead of dealing with wires and cables for making calls, Virtual Phone Systems are an easy-to-go solution with a single click download. Hence, employees can work from anywhere and stay in touch instead of having a physical presence.

They work through cloud-based technology and VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), where the entire data is stored in the cloud. This makes it simple to access from anywhere. You don’t need to worry about data loss as the data is accessible anytime. A survey says 82% of businesses report cost savings after transitioning to the cloud. Hence, Virtual Phone Systems can benefit all industries regardless of size.

Whether you need a toll-free number or a local number, you can get it for your business instantly with a Virtual Phone System Provider. We at TeleCMI offer a feature-rich Virtual Phone Number and a solution that fits your business requirements.

How does a Virtual Phone System Work?

Virtual Phone Systems depend on Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). When a call is made over a VoIP network, a connection is established between the caller and the receiver. Voice data is fragmented into packets that travel to the other end. When the packet reaches the receiver’s end, it is again converted to voice data.

Simply put Virtual Phone Systems work by sending communications over the Internet instead of traditional phone systems. Unlike traditional phone systems that work only in one location, Virtual Phone System replaces it by working and accessing information from anywhere with the help of a stable Internet connection.

Virtual Phone Systems have many benefits, such as a collaborative environment where an inbound call can be routed to an auto-attendant or other team agents based on the customer's need. In addition to managing calls, it helps businesses interact through SMS, social media conversations, etc.

Benefits of Virtual Phone Systems
Benefits of Virtual Phone Systems
    1. Easy Setup and Installation
  • The best advantage of a Virtual Phone System is that the process of setting and installation is trouble-free, unlike traditional phone systems. You just need to install the application on the device you are using, register, and log in to the app to get started. Make sure you have proper Internet at your place, and you are ready to go! Hence, remote employees can work at their convenience without reporting to the company location every time.

  • 2. Cost-Efficient
  • Compared to traditional phone systems, Virtual Phone Systems are reasonable in price. With traditional phone systems, you need workstations, hardware, and software to set up and install. In addition, VoIP technology allows businesses to route the calls to the respective team instead of waiting for a long time, which reduces the call volume.

  • Also, the Sticky Agent feature in Virtual Phone Systems will connect the customers with the previous agents they spoke with. This helps in reducing the unwanted time explaining the query to another agent and also increases customer satisfaction.

  • 3. Comprehensive Analysis
  • Virtual Phone System offers complete transparency to dive into deep analytics and reporting of the business. This allows enterprises to filter and know the entire details. One can extract information such as the number of inbound/outbound calls, incoming/outgoing messages, live call feed, track the agent’s productivity, etc.

  • 4. Establish a local/global presence
  • You can now remain at your customer’s location without being present physically. Be it a local or a global presence, it can happen using a Virtual Phone System. You can get a local or a global number (any country) by buying a number you choose. This can help your customers identify the business presence in their country.

  • You can now remain at your customer’s location without being present physically. Be it a local or a global presence, it can happen using a Virtual Phone System. You can get a local or a global number (any country) by buying a number you choose. This can help your customers identify the business presence in their country.

Eye-catching IVR Stats that you should not miss

1. Auto-Attendants

2. Custom Greetings

3. Call Routing

4. Call Forwarding

5. Call Barging

6. Sticky Agent

7. Call Conferencing

8. Call Recording

9. Automatic Callback

10. Single-click modifications

11. CRM Integration

12. Set up Business Hours

13. Web & Mobile SDK

14. Separate logins for Supervisors and Agents

15. Call Transfer

16. Text Messaging

17. Voicemail

Things to consider when buying the Best Virtual Phone System for Small Business from a solution provider:
Things to consider when buying the Best Virtual Phone System for Small Business from a solution provider:

When choosing the best Virtual Phone System, a small business should not forget to consider the following key factors:

Business goals

Define your business goals and what you are looking to achieve. You can cross-check and determine how to align those goals smoothly by adopting a Virtual Phone System.

Customer needs

Know what your customer requires from you. You can implement those needs into your business requirements and check for a solution provider to fulfill them and convert them into solutions.


Price plays a significant role in every business. Be it a small, medium, or enterprise business, a budget-friendly solution is a must. Usually, the cost depends upon the features you choose; hence, lay out the features you need and contact the Virtual Phone System provider to know the total budget.

Resources needed

Employees are the pillars of any business. Figure out the number of employees you need for the business. You will need supervisors or agents to handle the calls or conversations with the customers. When you hire new employees for your project.

Work location type (Remote, Hybrid, On-site)

Virtual Phone System paves the way for fully remote working. Hence, decide what kind of work type you are planning. Be it any kind of work type, Virtual Telephone Systems will work with maximum benefits.

Call Volume

Call Volume is crucial as it determines the total interaction time with the customers. It is also proportional to the cost of setting up and utilizing a Virtual Phone System. With this system, businesses can save considerably as it reduces the call volume.

Internet quality

Virtual Phone System works only with a steady internet connection. Hence, get a proper internet connection installed on the device where you plan to set up the services. Make sure they are of excellent speed and high uptime.

Customer Ratings/Reviews of the Virtual Phone System Provider

This is the essential thing that every business should not fail to consider. Read the customer stories and learn more about the Virtual Phone System solution provider. This will provide a clear picture of how your solution provider will be. You can determine the reliability of the Virtual Phone System provider and have this factor in mind.


In this case, consider a solution provider who provides 24/7 support. Also, know the availability and additional cost of the support.

Security practices

Security is a vital thing that should be noticed. We at TeleCMI have a tailor-made application that is encrypted with multiple layers of security, and we are a certified ISO platform, too. Although the data is stored in the cloud, it should have top-notch security to prevent leakage.


Check if you can set up and install the phone service on your own or will you need some help with the installation. If you need someone to help with installation, figure out if the solution provider can be helpful in this case.


Functionality and features have a high impact on providing benefits to the application. When choosing a Virtual Phone System solution provider, learn the various features they have integrated into the application and see how it can be helpful for your business.


Custom-made software is everyone’s favorite. It enables businesses to customize their software, features, or choices. Hence, check if your solution provider can customize the software based on the requirements.

Make sure you have valid answers for every single factor listed here. At TeleCMI, we provide future-proof technology packed with high-end features that enable your business to reach greater heights.

How to get started with TeleCMI’s Virtual Phone System?
How to get started with TeleCMI’s Virtual Phone System?

VoIP solutions can act as a pillar to resolve customer queries instantly. We ensure that you don’t miss any of your customers and help in retaining existing customers & gaining new customers quickly.

We offer a free trial, and you can check out our features and know how they fit your requirements. Additionally, we have an expert team who can explain every single functionality in our application and help you learn more about our software.

You can download, sign up, and log in to the app to get started. You can enroll your business, choose the desired country, and get your Virtual Phone number as a process of setting up. By upgrading to your favorite pricing plan, you can access the maximum features at a reasonable budget.

Here are the steps you should follow to get started once you have signed up and logged in:

1. Get a Virtual Phone Number of your choice

Once you have registered your business in our application, you can select the country based on your target audience and buy a Virtual Phone Number from us. This can be a local, toll-free, or international virtual phone number based on your choice. This can help enterprises in building a good presence among their customers.

2. Start adding users

You can now add your agents and supervisors, who will be responsible for managing calls and other conversations with the customers. You can define their respective roles hassle-free. Our informative dashboard helps you make hassle-free modifications without any complexities.

3. Handle your calls hassle-free

Now, you have your team ready. You can get started with handling calls. These calls are compatible across various devices such as mobiles, desktops, web apps, tablets, etc, and can be accessed easily. Our software has excellent uptime, and you don’t need to worry about latency issues.

4. Keep track of the data

You can track everything in minutes by filtering the required data. You will be able to learn about the incoming/outgoing messages, inbound/outbound calls made and received, social media requests handled, and agent’s productivity with a single click. Our intuitive and powerful UI dashboard lets you filter any information you choose. With the extracted information, you can increase your productivity and enhance customer experience.


A Best Virtual Phone System can make you mind-blowing once you adopt it for your business. As it has dozens of benefits, enterprises can utilize this option, which comes at a budget-friendly price, too.

Get in touch with us right away if you are planning to set up a Virtual Phone System for your Small business!



Regardless of the location, a Virtual Phone System can be used anywhere at any time. You can access and handle the calls from the office, home, or even during travel. The only thing is you need a proper internet connection to start working. This can be a beneficial factor for employees looking to work remotely.


The cost usually depends on the features, support, customization, etc. Once you lay out the various functionalities in the requirements, your solution provider will send you the total charges.


Yes, you can choose between a Toll-free, international, or local Virtual Phone Number based on your needs.

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