BLOG » Call Forwarding: 5 Excellent Benefits that will amaze you

Call Forwarding: 5 Excellent Benefits that will amaze you

Customer Service is a never-ending industry that every business deals with. Businesses must make customers their priority and resolve their queries instantly. In this case, customer service agents are essential to coping with their daily questions. However, there are numerous challenges with them as well. As customers are from around the globe, businesses need to engage them. But agents will be unavailable to answer customer queries during off-business hours and holidays. This can result in losing both existing and new customers altogether. This is where Call Forwarding acts as a savior.

Call Forwarding: 5 Excellent Benefits that will
                        amaze you

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is an excellent solution to address these challenges. Similar to traditional call centers, VoIP handles customer queries over the Internet. Instead of agents, customers are given self-service options where they will choose the required option on the keypad, and based on it, the system routes the call. This can eliminate the need for the agent and provide a solution during the agent’s unavailability.

In this blog, let us discuss Call Forwarding, one of the top-end features of VoIP solutions, and learn how it can be profitable to businesses.

Call Forwarding: What it does?

Call Forwarding is a technique that redirects the call to the respective agent or team based on the customer's choice. The incoming calls are rerouted to any phone, even a landline or mobile phone, in minutes so that businesses don’t miss any customers. VoIP Call Forwarding is an effective way to ensure your business never misses any customer calls. With this technological change, you can attend to your customer calls even when you are out of the office by forwarding them to another phone effortlessly.

Companies of all sizes rely on the Call Forwarding strategy to answer customer calls when away from the office. Employees who work remotely find this a fantastic opportunity as it lets the team access everything instantly. With VoIP technology, businesses can activate Call Forwarding by quickly modifying the dashboard and setting it up whenever they want.

How does Call Forwarding work?

Previously, the Call Forwarding technique was as simple as forwarding the call to another number. While these days, with technological advancements, there are advanced forwarding settings and rules that help businesses customize the entire call forwarding feature. It can be anything from customizing the welcome greetings, conditional call forwarding, to forwarding extensions to the end user. This has become a valuable feature of VoIP in the recent days. Call Forwarding can be set up in 10 minutes or less, and most VoIP Phone Providers can activate call forwarding numbers significantly.

For example, A customer has to dial your business phone number and initiate a call. This is an incoming call. If your business has turned on call forwarding, your phone system will make an outgoing call to the forwarded destination number you have set up. Your phone system further bridges the two calls and effectively connects the desired person to your business.

5 Benefits of Call Forwarding which you should know:
5 Benefits of Call Forwarding which you should know:
1. Responsive Customer Service

This means that you won’t miss any of your customer calls. Before mobile phones and VoIP phones existed, most customers were frustrated when they could not reach businesses when agents were unavailable.

VoIP phone service can handle customer queries by transferring calls to your personal mobile, landline phone, or even a voicemail. Hence, employees don’t need to worry about leaving the office early. It also adds an extra layer of customer service by using simultaneous rings or routing calls to the most desired team.

Call Forwarding feature improves customer experience. As the agent is aware of the customer's query beforehand, the person can provide the correct information to the customer without any setbacks.

2. Remain connected when working remotely

In the past few years of COVID-19, employees have switched between working remotely and in the office. A VoIP Phone System with advanced features can help employees resolve this dilemma. With a stable internet connection, employees can choose to work remotely or stay connected with customers on their smartphones anywhere.

As most employees work for travel, by a simple call forwarding technique, employees can benefit by picking up customer calls hassle-free. The team can also remain connected and answer important phone calls with effortless collaboration.

Also, the call forwarding feature is cost-effective as it eliminates roaming charges, unlike traditional phone systems. One more advantage is that customers will have only your business virtual phone number and will get a chance to redirecting a call to your personal number without knowing the number. You also save your customers and keep your personal number private. Also, when the customer needs the help of an expert, he can get an agent who can support the international language based on the customer's preference.

3. Flexible and Scalable

When it comes to the business point of view, VoIP Call Forwarding will help them to easily add multiple phone numbers and teammates quickly without additional charges or a need for technical support. As the setup and installation are done in a few minutes, the challenges can also be resolved in a few seconds on their own.

Also, your business calls are accessible from any device, such as a smartphone, desktop application, web application, or tablet. Businesses must ensure an active internet connection is linked to these devices.

Portability is also not an issue since these devices can be taken anywhere, unlike traditional phone systems with a server connected to a physical location. Added to the list, VoIP Phone Systems are simple and quick to set up, whereas traditional phone systems require a person to set up, and they deal with wires & cables that are connected to PSTN(Public Switched Telephone Network).

4. Enhanced Efficiency & Minimal Cost

VoIP phones are known for their quality and crystal-clear voice. Hence, customers can speak with the agent on the other side during call forwarding without any hurdles. Calls are rerouted, and your business team can easily reach them through business phone numbers.

It also accepts local, toll-free, or international numbers where your customers can reach the respective numbers efficiently. Businesses can effortlessly forward incoming calls to any extension, phone number, or device.

Also, your company can save a lot of money by using Call Forwarding. For example, you don’t need to set up, install, and maintain expensive hardware. This feature helps you minimize the cost of the staff as you don’t need to employ a person to answer the phone initially, as IVR takes care of it.

5. Your Business will now look professional

Call Forwarding saves you from providing your private numbers to your customers as well as offers you a rich virtual phone number. If in case you don’t have a local presence in another country with an international virtual phone number, you will be able to reach your customers exceptionally.

It also helps you maintain your professional status while staying connected with the customers all the time, regardless of the location. Customers will get a reliable opinion about your business, and there are also chances to recommend it to other users.

Customer calls get attended to even during business-off hours and on holidays without leaving them unanswered. This also increases customer satisfaction, leading to professional business growth.

Why should you choose TeleCMI for your VoIP Call Forwarding?

When you choose a VoIP service, they will also take care of setting up a Call Forwarding feature for your business. You can plan and choose how you are going to use this feature. You can either forward calls to unlimited phone numbers or only a few based on your needs.

Also, choose whether you are forwarding the call for general purpose, to the sales/ customer service team, or a combination of both. Apart from that, TeleCMI provides the Best call forwarding service for businesses at a reasonable cost with high-end features such as Call Recording, Call Conferencing, Call Whispering, Call Barging, Missed Call Analytics, Sticky Agent, Live Call Feed, Auto Attendant, Call Back, etc.

We provide importance to customer experience and offer them a customized solution based on your business needs. TeleCMI has satisfied customers across the globe who are from various industry verticals such as Healthcare, Travel & Tourism, Food, Education, Real Estate, etc.

We make sure our experts provide you with the best call forwarding service for small businesses, and if you are one such firm, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! You can get a free demo from our team and learn more about our product right away!

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Call Forwarding can be done:

1. Always to a specific number, no matter what.

2. Only during limited reasons to the desired number.

3. When the agent is busy or unavailable.

4. When the number is unreachable.


It depends on the plan you choose. You can either forward calls to unlimited virtual phone numbers or limit them to specific numbers based on your needs.


It can be a local, international, or toll-free number of your choice. It is not limited to business phone systems.


Yes, it is possible. Apart from cell phones, it can be forwarded to desk phone systems, tablets, etc.

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