BLOG » 7 Reasons why you need to setup Remote Office Phone Systems for your business

7 Reasons why you need to setup Remote Office Phone Systems for your business

The education industry has seen a tremendous enhancement in recent years. As every industry is moving towards a digital era, businesses are moving forward by enhancing their productivity and increasing user experience & engagement quickly.

7 Reasons why you need to setup Remote Office Phone Systems for your business

Over the years of the pandemic, employees and business owners have been forced to move into remote environments for their everyday work. In that case, employees don’t need to work within a building or a specific location to be productive. Companies need to adapt quickly to the market environment and outperform well.

Remote Office Phone Systems are a savior to help them work effectively. They enable employees to work from any location of their choice and remain productive.

In this blog, let us discuss 7 significant reasons businesses must set up Remote Office Phone Systems and their importance.

Remote Office Phone Systems: What exactly is it?

Remote Office Phone System or Virtual System allows businesses to set up and manage their company phone services over the Internet rather than depending on on-premise hardware located in a specific place.

This best remote phone system helps remote workers and employees use softphone applications on different devices, such as mobiles, computers, tablets, etc., based on convenience. With the application, they can handle inbound and outbound calls, voicemails, conference calls, and other major features from any location with a stable internet connection.

This, in turn, provides employees the flexibility to work remotely and still be reachable through phone. The best office remote system comes with call management features such as auto attendant, call back, call whispering, call barging, etc, to manage calls effectively.

These cloud-based remote office phone systems are fully scalable and flexible compared to traditional PBX phone systems, where employees must commute to the work location to handle customer calls and conversations.

7 Reasons Why You Need a Remote Office Phone System:
7 Reasons Why You Need a Remote Office Phone System:
1. Stay connected from anywhere

When you are away from the office, it is easy to collaborate with your team by connecting through a remote office phone system. You can remain connected, stay online, and access your work in a single click. A cloud phone system contains a managed directory and address book for even greater connectivity. Hence, staying in touch is comparatively easier.

2. On-the-go-availability

Working from home is different from working in an office setup. Remote workers will have higher control over their schedules, particularly when they travel. Employees can access their phone line from any computer or smartphone with a reliable business app from a VoIP provider. Businesses just need a strong internet connection to function. Moreover, remote workers should not miss any important business calls while on travel or away from the office.

3. Maintenance free

With a cloud-based VoIP phone system, businesses don’t need to maintain separate maintenance activities for security infrastructure. Your VoIP Provider will be responsible for maintaining it. Your phone uses a VoIP system to establish and handle the connection.

4. Protect your personal privacy

A cloud-based VoIP system separates business phone numbers and personal numbers. Hence, personal and sensitive information is secured. Besides privacy, remote office phone systems are entirely secure and come with multiple security practices such as multi-factor authentication, encryption protocols, etc. TeleCMI is an ISO-certified platform that assures 100% security and safety.

5. Deep Reporting and Analytics

Businesses can get deep insights into call reports and wallboards available in the application. Admins and other supervisors will have visibility into the dashboard and implement further changes in the future. They can also simply filter and extract customized reports for any timeline and analyze the data.

6. Budget-friendly

This is the primary reason why a business needs a remote office phone system. These phone systems are intended to reduce total expenditures to a greater level than on-premise PBX systems. Cloud-based remote systems don’t deal with hardware, maintenance, and other complex infrastructure things as they require only a device and a strong internet connection to operate.

7. Third-party integrations

Enterprises can easily integrate their business and communication tools, such as Zoho CRM, Freshdesk, Salesforce, Intercom, Whatsapp, Linkedin, etc. With hassle-free integration into the existing tools, employees don’t need to switch between different platforms during customer conversations, as the data is automatically synced to the dashboard in real-time.

How to set up a Remote Office Phone System?
How to set up a Remote Office Phone System?
1. Testing the Internet connection

Right off the bat, you should have a proper internet connection that can handle the advanced VoIP features you want in the system. It is stated that you need at least 100kbps upload and download per line. You can go for a VoIP speed test to check your internet connection speed and know if it is ready to handle VoIP.

2. Choosing a VoIP provider

The second step is selecting a VoIP provider to fit your business needs and budget. Most importantly, consider the features of the VoIP system and know how it will help your business grow to a higher extent. At TeleCMI, we have different pricing plans depending on the features and customizations. Companies can choose the one that suits their requirements.

3. Buying a business phone number

Thirdly, businesses should get a business phone number to connect with the customers. You can also connect your business phone number to the remote office phone system. If you don’t own a business phone number, you can always have one by adding it to your pricing package with the VoIP Provider. The only thing you need to know before buying is to decide what type of business phone number you want to buy: Local, toll-free, vanity, and virtual. Select the number for a broad reach based on your business and audience.

4. Setting up a remote office phone

Once you have selected the VoIP provider, got your requirements ready, and selected a business phone number, you can set up a Remote Office Phone System. You can complete your setup process and onboard your employees to get started.

Features to Look in Remote Office Phone System:
Features to Look in Remote Office Phone System:

When looking for a Remote Office Phone System, it is essential to know the critical functionalities and advanced features that will be integrated into the application. Here are a few features which you should give importance to:

Unified Platform

In order to use your existing business tools and collaboration tools, it is crucial to integrate and unify them into the application. It includes team messaging, file collaboration, CRM integration, API Integration, etc. With a single UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service) platform, businesses can engage their customers quickly even though they reach from different communication channels.

Device Compatible

The major specialty of Remote Office Phone Systems is that it is compatible across various devices, such as mobile (both Android and iOS), tablets, desktops, laptops, etc, and is easily accessible. Hence, agents from all over the globe can handle calls effortlessly through any device.

Customizable IVR

An exceptional IVR increases customer experience by offering menu options for self-service choices round-the-clock. Businesses can customize keypad options, greeting music, routing the calls to respective departments, and other factors in a single click.

Call Quality & Latency Mitigation

Ensuring top-notch call quality with low latency is a critical thing that a business needs to ensure. In particular, for remote teams, it is essential to maintain a strong call quality with no latency issues.

Higher Reliability & Uptime

AT TeleCMI, we always ensure 100% uptime by eliminating latency and poor call quality issues. This can ensure higher customer satisfaction as your business agents effectively engage with your customers without losing them.

Setup Remote Office Phone Systems with TeleCMI:

TeleCMI excels in providing a feature-rich and best Phone System for remote workers. With a cloud phone system, businesses can take their businesses to the next stage. Here are a few features that we have integrated into the virtual phone system:

  • Automatic call distribution

  • Auto attendant

  • Caller ID

  • Call Forwarding

  • Call Queuing

  • Call Routing

  • Call Whispering

  • Call Barging

  • Call Masking

  • Call Conferencing

  • Call Transfer

  • Call Back

  • Customized Reports

  • Live Call Feeds

  • Updating Business Hours

  • Customized Greetings and Music

  • Sticky Agent

  • CRM Integration

And much more. All these features can be completely customized based on the business needs and budget. If you want to set up the best remote phone system, we are here to help you. We have the desired experience across different industry verticals and can deliver the exceptional solution that you are looking for!

You can get in touch with our experts for a free demo and explore various modules in our application for a wide perspective.



Remote Office Phone Systems are virtual phone systems operating over the Internet. The data is transmitted through the internet and delivered to the caller on the other end. Calls can be made through mobiles, desktops, laptops, etc, based on the agent’s preference regardless of the location.


It depends on different factors such as features, budgets, business needs, and customizations. We have different affordable pricing plans at TeleCMI, you can choose the one that suits you.


Yes, it is simple. Businesses just need a powerful internet connection and a device to handle calls.

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