BLOG » How are VoIP Phone Systems Transforming Educational Institutions?

How are VoIP Phone Systems Transforming Educational Institutions?

The education industry has seen a tremendous enhancement in recent years. As every industry is moving towards a digital era, businesses are moving forward by enhancing their productivity and increasing user experience & engagement quickly.

How are VoIP Phone Systems Transforming Educational Institutions?

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is one such technology that most businesses have started using. When customers are the priority, VoIP Phone Systems can be a crucial strategy to engage them effectively.

In this blog, let us discuss the real-time challenges and use cases of VoIP Phone Systems for the Educational industry.

VoIP Phone Systems for Educational Institutions:

VoIP Phone Systems for Educational Institutions:

Unlike the traditional educational system, VoIP does not require expensive infrastructure. Depending on the school setup, VoIP can be a reliable solution that can be done instantly at an affordable price.

Added VoIP Providers will perform maintenance tasks on behalf of the school, and schools don’t have to hire a separate IT team for maintenance activities, resulting in a cost-saving strategy.

VoIP Phone Systems are beneficial for the Educational Industry since:

Simplified Setups

VoIP does not deal with wires, cables, or any significant hardware setup. This makes it easier to manage as the school grows. If you want to add a phone line or a service to the newly constructed building on the campus, it is simple and similar to adding new connections to the subscriptions.

Unified Platform

With VoIP Phone Systems, schools can bring in end-to-end communication in a single platform. These channels include SMS, Phone Calls, Webchats, Emails, video chats, etc, integrated into one platform for easy engagement and eliminating poor customer satisfaction.

Easy Customizations

VoIP helps make easy customizations per the school's unique needs. For instance, you can customize by sending messages to specific departments or blocks in the school instead of sending out general announcements to the entire organization.

Device Compatible

There is no need to connect a wire to landline phones in every room to notify based on the emergency. With VoIP, staff can use their personal phones, which operate over the internet, and speak with anyone on the go. Apart from emergency situations, it is also helpful to staff who are working in different locations or campuses.

Hassle-free Integrations

Integrations are completely simple and effective with VoIP virtual phone services. If your business is using CRM and communication tools such as Zoho CRM, Salesforce, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Intercom, Whatsapp, etc, it is easy to integrate these apps into the VoIP dashboard. With a single click, integration is done effectively to your existing business tools, and data is synced in real-time.

Quick Response

VoIP virtual phone services provide flexibility where no calls are unanswered. With automatic call routing, the call gets connected to the right agent directly, and users don’t need to wait for a longer time. Also, with a call-back option, callers can select the best option on their keypads, and IVR can answer their queries without human intervention.

Key Features of VoIP Phone Systems in the Educational Sector:

Auto Attendant

Call Routing

Global and Domestic Calling in a single platform

Call Queue

Call Forward

Call Management

Voicemail to email

Automated and bulk SMS

Powerful Analytics

Real-time Monitoring

5 Challenges of Educational Institutions and how VoIP Phone Systems can resolve them:
5 Challenges of Educational Institutions and how VoIP Phone Systems can resolve them:
1. Lack of security

Security is a critical part of any business. When it comes to the Educational industry, data theft of student records. A report reveals that 87% of educational establishments have experienced at least one security threat. Also, it is said that the Education industry is the second most vulnerable business, with a massive target for ransomware attacks.

How VoIP resolves it:

A VoIP Phone System can resolve it and is ideal for managing, tracking, and storing sensitive data. They can offer increased security and privacy for educational records compared to traditional methods. Educational institutions can use encryption protocols with VoIP systems to ensure educational records remain secure and private from unauthorized access. Additionally, with an informative dashboard from VoIP providers like TeleCMI, you can get deeper analytics about call and text records, call recordings, contact lists, etc.

2. Lack of productivity

Productivity is a key factor in the Educational industry. Since staff are the major players here, it is a must that they should be fully productive to experience the best learning environment. Moreover, this will lead to poor working environment and a lack of knowledge among students as well.

How VoIP resolves it:

VoIP technology is the perfect solution as it offers a variety of features that enable organizations to increase collaboration, communication, and effectiveness. With VoIP, teachers, administrators, and other members will be able to communicate more efficiently. It includes features such as Video Conferencing and instant messaging and allows teams to work together regardless of location by cutting off costs.

In addition to this, VoIP phone systems also provide integration features where businesses can integrate with different CRM or ERP systems. These business data are synched automatically to the dashboard for seamless communication.

3. Lack of Flexibility

Educators and Students are mandatorily chained to desks every day. Hence, scalability and flexibility to adapt are challenging tasks in the educational sector. When there is an increase in the number of students or teachers, it is a complex task to add and record those details every single time.

How VoIP resolves it:

One of the most attractive features of the VoIP business system for schools is that it provides the complete flexibility to quickly scale up or down based on the institution's needs. With the right VoIP phone service provider, as the student/staff count increases or decreases, admins can add more lines or remove the existing lines and features based on the demand.

It also allows educators to easily create customized calling plans and features based on their requirements and budget. It also supports remote work, as VoIP phone systems can onboard multiple educators at the same time for seamless collaboration. Parent-teacher or student-teacher meetings can be conducted and attended over the phone rather than driving to a specific location.

4. Enhancing Communication

Communication is still a challenging factor for most businesses. Teaching is a sector that is entirely dependent on full-fledged communication. When it comes to remote teaching, institutions and students may feel communication is a complex task as it is difficult to collaborate from multiple locations.

How VoIP resolves it:

Using VoIP can improve communication, engagement, and interaction with educators and staff. VoIP-based business phone systems for educational institutions can bring in various features such as video conferencing, voice calls, text messages, and share files in real-time.

In addition to the convenience of providing online education, cloud-based VoIP systems also offer a more dynamic and high-end learning environment between teachers and students. Similarly, students can share their works seamlessly through slide sharing, videos, and other visuals.

5. Educational cost

Regardless of any sector, separate and hefty costs are required for infrastructure setup and maintenance activities. In particular, educational institutions will require additional costs for setup and maintenance work.

How VoIP resolves it:

VoIP Phone Systems are intended to resolve budget issues without quality issues or reliability problems. With VoIP services, educational institutions can cut off hardware, infrastructure, and other installation expenses, which are hefty. Additionally, educational institutions don’t need to depend on recurring phone bills every month, as VoIP virtual phone services are pricing plans that you need to pay annually based on the features used.

VoIP business phone systems also provide access to advanced features such as call routing, video conferencing, voice mail, etc, at an affordable price. Apart from these factors, VoIP Phone Systems for Schools and Universities can eliminate the cost of travel to collaborate with other members or students.

Switch to VoIP Phone Systems with TeleCMI

VoIP systems are designed to simplify business operations regardless of how complex they are. When it comes to educational institutions, VoIP enables easy-to-go operations between school admins, faculty members, parents, students, and other staff members instantly.

If you are one such institution and planning to switch to VoIP virtual phone services, TeleCMI is here to help you. We have extensive experience dealing with multiple business requirements and offering a feasible solution to simplify their operations.

You can get in touch with our experts for a free demo and explore various features in our application for a clear perspective.



VoIP services are phone systems that are used to handle inbound and outbound calls by operating through the Internet. These systems don’t deal with wires, cables, or expensive hardware setup and need only a stable internet connection to function.


VoIP systems are fully secure and come with multiple layers of security. They are combined with multi-factor authentication, call encryption, etc. TeleCMI is an ISO-certified platform that comes with strong security practices to rule out threats, if any.


VoIP virtual phone services have numerous advantages such as flexibility, budget-friendly, secure, enhanced customer experience, improved productivity, etc. These are limited by the usage of traditional phone systems.

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